• Laguna Max-Flo Pond Pumps

    The Laguna Max-Flo 600 Waterfall & Filter Pump circulates water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles (or solids) and traps the debris that can pollute your pond water — filtering your pond. It can handle solids up to 1/4" in size.

    Max-Flo is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and water courses. Easy to install and operate, the pump is completely submersible and engineered to run continuously.

    Max-Flo pumps use Laguna’s next-generation Smart Pump Technology (SPT) that is a major technical advancement to improve pump performance, energy efficiency, and user friendliness. SPT is a self-regulating system that tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency, so that only the required amount of power is used to operate the pump efficiently.

    The pump is powered by a magnetic-driven motor that uses less energy than other pumps. The pump is easy to assemble.

    The pump is manufactured in Italy and guaranteed for 3 years.


    • Strainer cage protects impeller and assures continuous suction
    • 1/4in (6.3 mm) diameter cage openings for solids handling capability
    • Easy-to-use Click-Fit connectors for fast and easy hose connections
    • Unique two-level suction capability, through upper and lower casing, for maximum water flow
    • Pump cage can be easily attached to a fixed surface using the convenient keyhole cutouts, located on the bottom of the pump cage
    • High stability as a result of extremely flat shape (low center of gravity)
    • Ergonomic pump handle for a safe grip and easy transportation
  • Praefecta(c) Pond Pumps, 5-yr Warranty

    The Praefecta Pond Pump is magnetically driven that is energy efficient.

    • Ceramic shaft.
    • Operates submerged or out of water.
    • Energy efficient to run continuously.
    • 5-Year Limited Warranty!
  • PondMAX Solar Water Pump Kits

    PondMAX Solar Powered Fountain Kits will help to reduce your energy bills while helping with climate change.

    Best to place panel in direct sunlight or a place where there’s sunlight for most of the day.

  • Praefecta Replacement Impellers

    Praefecta Replacement Impellers. Replacement Impellers for the Tricker’s Praefecta water garden pumps.

  • Laguna Replacement Impellers

    Laguna Replacement Impellers. Replacement Impellers for the Laguna water garden pumps. Tricker’s is a distributor of Laguna pumps, if you do not see you impeller, please call.

  • Laguna 215 gph Submersible Pump

    The Laguna Pump PT 305 performs a variety of jobs that need a submersible circulating pump. It can be used indoor or outdoor for statuary fountains and waterfalls as well as hydroponic units and as an aquarium sump. They are hermetically sealed with totally inert epoxy over all electrical connections to ensure safety and long life.

    This pump can run continuously underwater in either fresh or salt water.

    The maximum water temperature should be under 95°F. Do not let the pump run dry or the warranty will be void.

    There are three (3) suction cups on the bottom to secure it to a surface.

    Ensure that the area is clear of debris that might get sucked into the inlet and clog the impeller.

    Consider getting a pump sock/filter for the best filtration that will extend the lifetime of your pump.

  • Hy-drive water garden and fountain pumpHy-drive water garden and fountain pump chart

    Hy-Drive Pond Pumps

    The Pondmaster Hy-Drive submersible pumps are not only durable and strong, but they are also highly efficient due to their magnetic-drive technology. Their small size makes them perfect for use in tight spaces, such as pond skimmers. Additionally, each pump comes with a complete set of fittings and a free pump bag to provide extra protection. With Pondmaster’s Hy-Drive pumps, you’ll have everything needed to transform your pond into a pristine aquatic paradise.


    • Powerful Efficient Hybrid Magnetic Induction Motor
    • High-Efficiency Vortex Impeller
    • Whisper Quiet Continuous Duty Operation
    • Oil-Free / Fish Safe
    • Convenient Carry Handle
    • Submersible or Inline Operation
    • Includes Extra Large Clog Resistant Filter Screen
    • Threaded Female Couplings and Fittings Included
    • 20′ Power Cord with Grounded Plug
    • Maximum water temperature for use: 95° F.
    • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • Jebao Magnetic Drive Pumps from Stonecasters

    Jebao Magnetic Drive Pumps

    These magnetic-drive pumps are submersible recirculating pumps that use less energy than the direct drive pumps. They are designed for continuous use in all water applications. An epoxy-encapsulated motor and corrosion-resistant housing provides for long life.

    The compact design and superior performance make them ideal for decorative fountains, ponds, and water displays, as well as for removing standing water.


    1. Submersible, quiet operation
    2. Low-energy as compared with direct drive pumps
    3. Powerful and reliable
    4. U.S. and Canadian UL-approved for safety
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

    Be safe with any electrical device used in your water garden pool. Ensure to have a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection. Do not confuse this with the standard circuit breakers we are all familiar with that is in our homes. This GFCI is designed to be used around water and moisture where electricity is most dangerous. GFCI are designed to sense a very small amount of electrical mismatch and react extremely quick in fractions of a second in cutting off the electricity. Thus, the reaction of the GFCI with electricity makes them very different than the familiar standard circuit breaker.

    Use for pumps, lights, and any electrical unit for your pond
    2 pole
    125 VAC, 15 Amps, 60 Htz, 1875 Watts

  • Sale!

    10,500 gph Little Giant Pump

    Sold Out

    This WGFP-150 Little Giant Pump will create a strong and large waterfall for your outdoor decor. The submersible pump is constructed with stainless steel, cast iron, and durable thermoplastic. It can handle solids up to 3/4″ for the rigorous demand of most impressive water features such as large waterfalls.