• Tricker’s Honey

    Did You Know that honey bee venom can destroy a range of cancer cells including some types of breast cancer? Research is ongoing to understand this and come up with another way to kill cancer cells. “The pharmaceutical use of honeybee products, known as apitherapy, dates back at least 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, China and Greece. Medical practitioners of the time used honeybee venom to treat joint inflammation and pain, and the antibacterial properties of honey were harnessed in approaches as various as treating wounds, easing indigestion and embalming the dead. In modern medicine, bee venom has become a subject of interest in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.” (Bee venom shows promise, but needs more study.)

    Tricker’s Honey is collected at Tricker’s hives located at and near our Historic Water Gardens. Honey bees have been pollinating our aquatic plants for decades and you can share in the rewards of their hard work with a jar of Tricker’s Honey. Tricker’s “raw” honey is harvested from our bee hives and contains the qualities of the nectar and pollen that make this honey so special.

    Raw honey is not pasteurized and retains the natural elements provided by the honey bees that are so special and nutritious. The taste is beyond compare — try some today or better yet, give this special Tricker honey as a gift to a honey lover. They will definitely know the difference! Or, just put some in your tea and sit by your water garden pool as you admire nature at its finest.

  • FREE Tricker’s Water Garden Catalog

    Our popular Tricker Catalog will be sent with each order. If you need a print catalog before you order on line, you can request one here.

    Tricker’s has been growing quality aquatic plants for over a century. Our customers have been receiving print catalogs since the Roaring Twenties (1920s). Shipping and handling charges for the catalog will not apply.

    Note: Free Catalogs cannot be sent to outside the USA. If you are out of the country, please expect a response to the catalog order with the cost to ship to you.

    Note: The print catalog will not have the entire store products including aquarium products as well as our Gardecor® product line of cast stone, bronze and other outdoor.

  • Pool and Waterside Gardening Kew Gardening Guide

    Peter Robinson examines in words and illustrations all aspects of pool and waterside gardening. He begins by considering the various design elements, follows with a considerable amount of practical information on construction techniques, and adds valuable advice on plant selection.

  • Sale! "1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers" by R F Lee. Cover."1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers" book excerpt. pg ii

    “1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers” Book

    Tricker’s 1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers is the book you’ll need to begin, maintain and enjoy water gardening! Written by Richard Lee, previous owner and president of William Tricker, Inc.®

    It’s easy to understand format has questions arranged in water garden categories within the chapters.

  • Sale!

    Tricker’s Water Gardening Book – An Introduction and Guide

    Tricker’s Water Gardening Book an Introduction and Guide by Richard Lee has nine chapters covering topics such as:

    • Installing a liner or preformed pool
    • Selection of water lilies and aquatic plants
    • Planting techniques
    • Shallow water plants
    • Lotus
    • Oxygenating plants
    • Arranging plants in the pool
    • Floating plants
    • Fish
    • Scavengers
    • and more!

    This guide is an economical and quick way to learn the necessary steps to begin water gardening TODAY! This easy to read introduction and guide will simply explain how to get started in a single afternoon. A must for the first timer. 68 pages.

  • Making A Water Garden 1913 Book by William Tricker. Free Digital Download

    Mr. William Tricker, the founder of William Tricker, Inc, wrote the book Making A Water Garden in 1913. Even after a century, the concepts of water gardening remain unchanged and have not seen any significant improvements since the book’s publication.

    • Species and Varieties of Water Lilies
    • Conditions for Growing Water Lilies
    • Hardy Plants for the Water Garden
    • The Selection of a Site
    • Planting and Care
    • Wintering

    The book includes photos from the 1910’s.

  • 1897 Book The Water Garden by William TrickerVictoria Water Lily from 1897 Book by Wm Tricker - In The Water Garden

    The Water Garden 1897 Book by William Tricker. Free Digital Download

    This 1897 book, The Water Garden, is written by the founder of William Tricker, Inc, Mr. William Tricker himself. Water gardening concepts have not changed and improved over the century since this book was published.

    It gives insight into …

    • Construction of ponds
    • Adapting natural streams
    • Planting, hybridizing, seed saving and propagation
    • Building and aquatic house
    • Wintering
    • Correct designing and planting of banks and margins
    • Cultural directions for all ornamental aquatics

    It includes illustrations and some photos from the late 1800’s.

  • Water Weeds and Algae Book

    This book has an in-depth review of water weeds such as floating, submerged, emergent weeds, and more. It shows how to identify algae and discusses treatments. You’ll fond it an invaluable guide for control of weeds and algae in lakes and ponds. There are tips and information on water maintenance for ponds and lakes. All natural or earth bottom pond owners should have this book for an easy to understand reference and methods to control unwanted weeds and algae.

    72 pages.