• Floating Alligator Head – Open Mouth, resin

    Enhance the appearance of your water garden pool with the captivating Floating Alligator Head – Open Mouth. This meticulously hand-painted, life-like alligator head not only adds a touch of wonder but also serves as a natural deterrent for unwanted pests in your water garden pool. Designed to float effortlessly in both ponds and pools, this remarkable piece measures 18 inches in length.

  • Floating Alligator Head – Closed Mouth, resin

    Enhance the beauty of your water garden pool with the mesmerizing Floating Alligator Head – Closed Mouth. This exquisitely hand-painted, lifelike alligator head not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a natural deterrent for unwanted pests in your water garden pool. Designed to float effortlessly in ponds and pools, this remarkable piece measures 13.5 inches in length, creating a captivating focal point for your aquatic oasis.

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    Gymnastic Frog

    This charming brass frog figurine will delight you with its whimsical charm. Expertly crafted with no visible seams, it features a lively green verdigris patina that lends an antique, aged look. Poised in a playful gymnastic pose, it makes a delightful decorative accent for any room. Its unique, artistic style is sure to inspire smiles and bring a touch of joyful fun wherever it is displayed. This handsome frog is ready to leap into your home and heart.

  • Sale! Cast stone alligator yard statue or spitter

    Alligator Cast Stone Statue

    Step into the swamp with this magnificent alligator statue that looks so realistic you’ll feel transported to the bayou. Expertly handcrafted from weather-resistant cast stone, this stunning reptile is captured mid-prowl, its jaws open in a mighty roar. Every detail from the rough bumpy skin to the sharp claws is intricately sculpted to portray the alligator’s strength and primal nature. Place this statue in your garden or patio to add a touch of untamed wilderness. Friends and guests will be amazed by the incredible lifelike quality and impressed by your unique, bold decorative taste. Let this alligator guard your home in savage splendor.

  • Sale! Hornsy Rhino Cast Stone Yard StatueHornsy Rhino Cast Stone Yard Statue

    “Hornsby” the Rhino Yard Statue

    Step into the wild with “Hornsby” the Rhino Yard Statue! This majestic creature looks like he just wandered out of the savanna and into your backyard. Expertly cast from weather-resistant stone, Hornsby makes an unforgettable addition to your outdoor space. His textured hide and imposing horn capture the strength and spirit of Africa’s rhinos. Let Hornsby transport you on a mini safari every time you look outside. This larger-than-life yard art is built to last for years in the elements, effortlessly withstanding sun, rain, snow, and ice. Make a bold statement and bring the exotic wonder of wildlife home. Hornsby is calling – complete your yard’s transformation today!

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    Hippo Statue or Fountain, cast stone

    Oh my, what a delightful find! This charming hippo statue simply radiates joy. Cast in solid brass with a lovely aged patina, the hippo’s mouth is open wide in a heartwarming smile. You can just imagine the happy hippo frolicking in a fountain, spouting water playfully from its gaping maw. I can already envision placing this charming fellow in my garden, where his delightful presence will spread cheer. With its seamless construction and vibrant character, this vintage hippo fountain is sure to make anyone who sees it grin from ear to ear!

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    “Henri” the Hippo Cast Stone Statue

    Henri the Hippo grinned from ear to ear, his stony face lighting up with joy. This jolly jungle giant was always ready for fun and adventure. His big belly jiggled as he let out a hearty laugh that echoed through the trees. With a twinkle in his eye, Henri set off to find his animal friends, eager to play games and tell jokes until the sun went down. The happy hippo brought smiles wherever he went with his infectious enthusiasm and zest for life.

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    Perfect Pet – “Kiss” the Frog

    This cute and funny frog will entertain your guests and put a smile on their face. Made from long-lasting cast stone, it will last a long time. Select from a choice of color finishes for that final look.

  • Crocodile Crawlers, cast stone

    Get ready to have a wild time in your backyard with Crocodile Crawlers! These gator-tastic statues are made for fun. Crafted from durable cast stone and finished to withstand the elements, each hand-painted croc will add a touch of the bayou to your lawn. Their toothy grins and lifelike poses are sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

    Let your imagination run wild as you create your own swampy scene. Whether prowling through the garden or peeking out from the bushes, these snappy crocs will bring a sense of adventure and whimsy to your outdoor space. Don’t miss out on the chance to add a little reptilian mischief to your yard!

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    Dolphins riding waves

    Six dolphins are leaping in formation through the ocean seeking food and play. Set this fine statue indoors or outside to show off your taste. It will make a wonderful gift for the ocean lover in your life.

    Made from brass with authentic verdigris and bronze patina, this statue will last for generations.

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    Large Frog Cast Stone Statue

    Hop on over and take a peek at our delightful Large Frog Cast Stone garden decor! This whimsical froggy friend is available in a rainbow of cheerful colors to brighten up your yard or patio. Crafted from weather-resistant cast stone, this charming accent piece will bring a smile to your face for years to come. Let this merry amphibian add a splash of fun and personality to your outdoor space!

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    Medium Frog

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    Tropical Reef Statue in Cast Stone

    The tropical reef statue beckons you with its colorful beauty. Cast from stone, the intricate sculpture depicts the wonders of the sea. An octopus stretches out its curling arms, as if swimming through the currents. Angel fish glide by, their fins fluttering gracefully. Schools of tiny fish swirl together in hypnotic patterns. Every creature is brought to life in stunning detail that captures the magic of a thriving coral reef. As you gaze upon this aquatic menagerie frozen in stone, you can almost hear the whoosh of waves and feel the ocean’s timeless rhythm. Let this exquisite statue transport you to shimmering turquoise waters teeming with life.