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  • Sale! Beginning water garden collection.

    Beginning Water Garden Collection


    This collection includes the following chosen by our experienced staff:

    1. One (1) beautiful hybrid Tropical Lily
    2. Two (2) Shallow Water Plants
    3. One (1) Floating Aquatic Plant
    4. Two (2) Oxygenating Plants
  • Sale!

    Sapphire Collection: Blue & Pink Water Lilies


    You’ll receive the ‘Blue Sapphire’ water lily and a ‘Pink Sapphire’ water lily. These two colors of water lilies will add a spectacular color combination in your water garden at a reduced collection price.

  • 3 Hardy or 3 Tropical Water Lilies Plus More Collection A-1

    3 Hardy or 3 Tropical Water Lily Plus More Collection A-1


    Includes the following:

    Either Tropical Water Lilies, one each:

    1. ‘Pink Pearl’ a tropical day bloomer with pink flowers
    2. ‘Blue Beauty’ a tropical day bloomer with blue flower
    3. ‘Sir Galahad’ a white tropical night bloomer


    Hardy Water Lilies, 1 each:

    1. ‘Gloriosa’ with red flowers
    2. ‘Pink Opal’ with pink flowers
    3. ‘Chromatella’ with yellow flowers

    Other Aquatic Plants. One (1) each of the following:

    1. Papyrus
    2. Imperial Taro
    3. Umbrella Palm
    4. Blue Iris
    5. Yellow Iris
    6. Snowflake
    7. Water Forget-me-not
    8. Water Lettuce
    9. Floating Fern
    10. Dwarf Red Stem Parrot Feather.

    And, 6 Underwater Oxygenators, Two (2) of each:

    1. Cabomba
    2. Hornwort
    3. Anacharis
  • Surprise Collection 3 Tropical Water Lilies


    Each of these water lilies has a unique color carefully chosen by our dedicated staff. Prepare to be pleasantly amazed by the exceptional results! Experience the vibrant beauty of Tropical Water Lilies as they flourish and blossom within a single summer, transforming your water garden into a captivating oasis of colors. Indulge in this perfect collection that guarantees a stunning display of flowers.

  • Night and Day Trio Of Water Lilies


    Enjoy your water garden day and night with this delightful trio. The plants include both day- and night-bloomers for 24 hours of flowers.

    Includes one of each:

    1. A ‘Yellow Dazzler’ Water Lily
    2. A red ‘Emily Grant Hutchings’ Water Lily and
    3. The popular ‘Blue Beauty’ Water Lily

  • Sale!

    General MacArthur Trio Collection of Tropical Water Lilies


    This cost-effective water lily collection guarantees a full day of blooming flowers, providing you with 24 hours of beauty at a reduced price.

    Includes one of each:

    1. ‘Director George T. Moore’, a true favorite through out the years and one of the deepest purple colored flowered water lilies.
    2. ‘Alice Tricker’, a Tricker hybrid with pure white blossoms.
    3. ‘Emily Grant Hutchings’, a beautiful red hybrid night bloomer.

    These water lilies will give your water garden pool around the clock blooms.

  • Duet of Fragrance Tropical Water Lilies


    This Duet of Fragrance has Two exquisite water lilies, both possessing a delightful tropical fragrance, grace any small pool or can be paired with other water lilies. The flowers can be cut and brought indoors, allowing you to relish the unique aroma of each blossom.
    Included: One of each:

    1) ‘Blue Beauty’ Water Lily, a Tricker hybrid of large blue flowers with a spicy fragrance.

    2) The ‘Evelyn Randig’ Water Lily with deep rose blossoms and a very distinctive aroma.

  • Sale!

    Romance Duet Collection of Tropical Water Lilies


    Experience the epitome of romance with the captivating hues of the “Romance Duet” Collection. Indulge in the delightful warmth of its colors, designed to enchant true lovers.

    You will receive one of each of the tropical water lilies:

    1. ‘Mrs. C. W. Ward’, a Tricker hybrid which is a bright rose-pink, long stem flowers and
    2. ‘Mrs. Edwards Whitaker’, an enchanting lovely, blue, extremely large flowers

  • Summer Color Trio – 3 Water Lilies


    Experience the beauty of the “Summer Color Trio” at a special price. These three day bloomers are renowned for their stunning form, vibrant colors, and ability to produce an abundance of exquisite flowers.

    You will receive:

    1. ‘Alice Tricker’, a Tricker hybrid with lovely white flowers and faintly mottled leaves,
    2. ‘Mrs. C. W. Ward’, a Tricker hybrid that has charming bright rose-pink, long stem flowers, and
    3. ‘Mrs. Edwards Whitaker’, an enchanting blue water lily with extremely large flowers.

  • New York, New Jersey, Michigan Duet

    University of Michigan Duet Tropical Water Lilies


    This collection, “University of Michigan Duet” is a wonderful pair of water lilies. It’s recommended to grow these two tropical water lilies afar from the hardy “Ohio State University” collection.

    The best growth determines who goes to the Bowl game.

    Included One of Each:

    1. ‘Director Moore’, a glowing Navy blue color for the “Go Blue” and
    2. ‘Yellow Dazzler’ with its exciting yellow color to compliment the blue ‘Director Moore’.

  • Sale!

    Trio 24 hours of Blooms Water Lilies


    Enjoy a full day of blooming with this unique collection of 3 water lilies. These flowers offer an exceptional cost savings opportunity and bloom nearly every hour of the day. After a long day at work, return home to your beautiful water garden and appreciate the constant display of blooms.

    Included: One each of the following:

    1. ‘Sunrise’, a hardy with bright yellow blossoms, that open early in the day
    2. ‘Mrs. Martin Randig’, a tropical water lily with dark purple blossoms that are delightfully fragrant
    3. ‘Red Flare’, a tropical night bloomer that deep sunset red colors with mahogany leaves.

  • Thrift Trio Water Lilies


    Enjoy a full day of blossoms with the “Thrift Trio” at an exclusive rate. This set includes a vibrant purple day blooming water lily, a captivating pink night blooming tropical water lily, and a pristine white hardy perennial water lily.
    Includes one of each:

    1. ‘Director Moore’, a purple tropical water lily with slightly mottled leaves,
    2. ‘Mrs. George Hitchcock’, a tropical night bloomer with a striking rose pink blossoms and copper green leaves and
    3. ‘Marliac’ a white hardy water lily with snow-white blossoms that will flower throughout the season under the right conditions.

  • Sale!

    1925 Roaring Twenties Tropical Water Lilies Collection of 3


    Back in the early days of water gardening, tropical water lilies were chosen not just for their stunning looks, but also for their delightful scent. To enjoy their fragrance inside your home, simply cut the water lily flowers and put them in a small water-filled container.

    Includes one each:

    1. ‘Panama-Pacific’, a reddish-purple flower,
    2. ‘Mrs. Edwards Whitaker’, a lavender-blue flowers, and
    3. ‘Alice Tricker’ with white blossoms.

  • Fragrant Bouquet Collection of 3 Tropical Water Lilies

    Fragrant Bouquet Collection of 3 Tropical Water Lilies


    These tropical water lilies are famous for their multitude of blossoms and delightful fragrance. They will give you a water garden with an abundance of aromatic flowers to make a bouquet. Even if you cannot walk through Tricker’s greenhouse to smell the aromas of thousands of tropical water lilies, you will receive some of our better aromatic tropical water lilies.

    Includes one of each:

    1. ‘Pamela’ Water Lily is an attractive blue Tricker Hybrid
    2. Our popular ‘Alice Tricker’ which is a wonderful pure white flowered Tricker Hybrid
    3. ‘General Pershing’ Water Lily, a popular deep pink Tricker hybrid

  • Sale! Mottled Trio Leaf Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies

    Mottled Trio Leaf Collection – 3 Tropical Water Lilies


    The “Mottled Trio Leaf Collection” has water lilies with mottled pads. This special priced collection includes the deepest-colored water lilies with mottled leaves.

    Includes one of each of the following:

    1. ‘Leopardess’ with exquisite blue flowers
    2. ‘Janice’ with pure white flowers, and
    3. ‘Pink Perfection’, with attractive pink flowers.

  • Sale!

    Red White and Blue Collection of 3 Tropical Water Lilies


    The “Red, White and Blue Collection” is a perfect collection of tropical water lilies at a cost effective price!

    Includes One of Each:

    1. ‘Mrs. Woodrow Wilson’, a wonderful blue Tricker hybrid,
    2. ‘American Beauty’, a red flowered hybrid and
    3. ‘Janice’ water lily, a pure white, viviparous Tricker hybrid.

    Get all three of these spectacular water lilies to show your patriotism!

  • Sale!

    Blue Ribbon Special 5 Tropical Water Lilies


    Tricker’s Blue Ribbon Water Lilies are five tropical water lilies grown in our historic greenhouses. The water lilies are some of the favorites of our customers because of their beauty, color, ease of growth, and fragrance.

    Includes one of each:

    1. ‘Blue Beauty’ Water Lily, a Tricker hybrid with large blue flowers with speckled leaves
    2. ‘Pink Platter’ Water Lily, a large, flat violet-pink flowers with vivid green leaves
    3. The popular ‘Alice Tricker’, a Tricker hybrid with lovely white flowers and mottled leaves
    4. ‘Director Moore’ with glowing purple flowers and slightly mottled leaves
    5. ‘Trail Blazer’ Water Lily with light yellow blossoms, pale green leaves, and deeper yellow stamens