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  • Colorata Water Lily

    ‘Colorata’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

    Transform your water garden into a captivating oasis with this remarkable species. Perfect for small water gardens, it has stunning 3-4 inch flowers with pale violet petals transitioning to vibrant yellow at the base. The stamens are purple, gradually lightening towards the apex with a primrose yellow base.

  • Blue Beauty Water Lily

    ‘Blue Beauty’ 1896 Tropical Water Lily

    Discover the allure of the ‘Blue Beauty’ water lily, a beloved favorite among our collection. With its captivating blue blossoms standing 6″-8″ above the water, this aquatic wonder emits a delightful spicy fragrance. Experience the beauty and elegance of the Nymphaea pulcherrima, aptly named for its stunning appearance as a beautiful water lily.

  • ‘Blue Sapphire’ Tropical Water Lily

    ‘Blue Sapphire’ showcases stunning azure coloration with speckled pads. It emits a fragrance reminiscent of other tropical water lilies. Its blossoms gracefully hover above the water, easily visible even from a distance.

  • 'Astraea' Tropical Water Lily

    ‘Astraea’ Tropical Water Lily

    Discover the enchanting beauty of this nursery’s historic water lily cultivar, which showcases a mesmerizing blend of captivating blue hues that gracefully transition to a pristine white at its base. Delicately adorning the center are golden stamens, reminiscent of twinkling stars in a celestial night sky, encircled by petals that resemble exquisite star shapes.

  • 'Bob Trickett' Tropical Water Lily

    ‘Bob Trickett’ Tropical Water Lily

    Experience the captivating beauty of the ‘Bob Trickett’ tropical water lily with its exquisite campanula (bell flower) flowers in a mesmerizing shade of blue, complemented by a vibrant yellow center. Delight in the sight of its large, round pads, adorned with lush green hues on the surface and adorned with a stunning combination of red and green veins beneath.

  • ‘Bagdad’ Tropical Water Lily

    Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the ‘Bagdad’ tropical water lily, boasting exquisite star-shaped blue blossoms adorned with vibrant yellow stamens. Delicately emerging from the water’s surface, its long petioles add an elegant touch to the floating leaves, creating a truly enchanting sight.

  • ‘Mrs. Edwards Whitaker’ Tropical Water Lily

    This water lily has lavender flowers that turn  pale with age until they are almost white. The blossoms can be 10″ or more with bright yellow stamens. It’s numerous petals are paper thin with a nice fragrance.

    George Pring, famous hybridizer form the Missouri Botancial Gardens, introduced this beautiful hybrid in 1917. In September 1920 George Pring was given the gold metal by the National Association of Gardeners for creation of this new water lily.

    When documenting this wonderful new hybrid, Mr. Pring reported that as it flowers, it’ll produce at least 6 open flowers per plant! Soon afterward, this popular water lily produced more flowers.

    Not only will this water lily grow in with many flowers, but the flowers are also known to be one of the best for early blooming in the day and staying open later in the evening than other varieties.

    It’s leaves are rounded, mottled or streaked with dark red above and blotched with purple on the pale green base below.

    These water lilies grow in large pools however tubs are okay for it. In the words of the famous Tricker hybridizer Robert Sawyer that had a photograph of this distinct water lily in his book with the caption Whitaker is a gigantic light blue water lily that opens early and closes late.

    This delightful water lily is one of the best Tropical water lilies propagated in our National Historic Gardens.

  • ‘Pennsylvania’ Tropical Water Lily

    The Pennsylvania hybrid was created by the well known water lily specialist Dr. Henry Conard in 1907 and can be considered to be one of his best introductions. Dr. Henry Conard, a botanist and native of Pennsylvania, wrote a landmark monograph on the genus Nymphaea by The Carnegie Institution of Washington in 1905.

    This striking water lily resembles Tricker’s famous and popular Blue Beauty with it’s pointed petasl. This Pennsylvania Tropical has large rich deep blue aromatic flowers with yellow stamens that form a pleasing contrast to the petals. The leaves are slightly speckled with brown above and below.

  • 'Pamela' Tropical Water Lily

    ‘Pamela’ Tropical Water Lily

    This ‘Panama’ Tropical Water Lily hybrid shows off large, sky-blue, saucer-shaped, with broad petals held high above the water’s surface.

    The nonviviparous ‘Pamela’ has a wonderful aromatic scent and flowers profusely. Its a late bloomer from summer to fall.

    It’s leaves are green with marbled brown-purple. It’s been a favorite at Tricker’s since 1931 and has been a choice by our customers over the years.

  • ‘Mrs Woodrow Wilson’ Tropical Water Lily

    With its striking lavender-blue petals and sweet fragrance, the ‘Mrs. Woodrow Wilson’ water lily is a true testament to beauty. This elegant hybrid was created in 1914 by renowned aquatic plant breeder William Tricker as a tribute to the late First Lady.

    The large, proud flowers stand tall above the water, presenting a visual feast of color. Contrasting yellow stamens tipped in lavender provide an alluring accent. The aromatic blooms can be cut and enjoyed indoors, infusing any space with their unusual yet delightful scent.

    This variety improves on the popular ‘Dauben’ lily, exhibiting the same viviparous leaves but with greater vigor. Abundant blooms ensure a constant floral display in ponds and pools. It’s no wonder this exceptional lily received numerous awards, including three gold and silver medals.

  • ‘Shirley-Ann’ Tropical Water Lily

    This ‘Shirley-Ann’ is an outstanding water lily with beautiful aromatic blue petals that stand out among the thousands of water lilies grown.

    An abundance of flowers is produced by the wonderful blue ‘Shirley-Ann’ water lily.

    Hybridized By: 1963 in the aquatic greenhouses at William Tricker, Inc.® by Gil Lambacher and Dr. Charleston and named after their wives. Gil Lambacher spent his lifetime working at Tricker’s and in his retirement in his 90s after his wife passed away, would still visit the greenhouses.

  • ‘Purple Perfume’ Tropical Water Lily

    Discover the captivating allure of the ‘Purple Perfume’ Water Lily, boasting its stunningly deep purple petals adorned with hints of red. Notably, the sepals also exhibit a rich, dark purple hue. Immerse yourself in the delightful fragrance reminiscent of a luxurious perfume. This exquisite water lily produces an abundance of flowers, allowing you to effortlessly gather a few blooms to adorn your indoor space in a beautiful bowl.

  • ‘Panama Pacific’ Tropical Water Lily

    The ‘Panama Pacific’ water lily showcases stunning wine-red flowers that transform into a reddish purple hue, emitting a delightful fragrance. The yellow stamens with purple tips create a beautiful contrast, while the buds are adorned with bronzy-green spots and reddish bronze accents.

  • ‘Green Smoke’ Tropical Water Lily

    This ‘Green Smoke’ water lily is an extraordinary hybrid color that is not commonly seen. The flowers of this plant start off as chartreuse and gradually transition into a light blue shade. The inner petals have a greenish-yellow hue. The green lily pads of this variety are adorned with bronze speckles and have a wavy edge.

    Not only do these flowers emit a delightful fragrance, but they also remain open until late in the day. Tricker’s water gardens take special care in propagating and cultivating this exceptional water lily.

  • ‘Purple Tigress Tricker’ Tropical Water Lily

    The ‘Purple Tigress’ water lily’s fragrant flower is a captivating deep purple with hints of radiant red. Its lily pads have an alluring pattern of color. By cultivating this water lily in your water garden pool, you will undoubtedly be astounded by the stunning array of purple and red hues in its flowers, as well as the unique distinction in its pads.

  • ‘Glowing Lavender’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

    Glowing Lavender. This is a most unusual viviparous semi-dwarf water lily color of lavender, that has glowing lilac-purple petals. A beautiful water lily flower that stands out among the multitude of green pads. Excellent for cooler or warmer water and blooms well into the fall months. Produces an abundance of flowers. Will be at home in a tub garden or that special place in your water garden pool. A wonderful Tricker hybrid that was introduced in 2019 and has been most popular since!

  • ‘Chalong Kwan’ Tropical Water Lily

    The purple water lily known as ‘Chalong Kwan’ is a stunning flower with multiple petals. Unlike the popular “Midnight” Water Lily, its petals are wider and more abundant. The green pads of this water lily are also adorned with speckles of brown, adding to its attractiveness. If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your water garden pool, this exceptional water lily from William Tricker, Inc. is the perfect choice. It has been propagated by our dedicated staff.

  • Euryale (or ‘Gorgon’) Tropical Aquatic Plant

    Euryale’, also known as the ‘Gorgon Plant’, has huge pads that can grow from 4′-5′ in diameter that are green with blood-red veins. The sharp thorns are along the top and bottom of the pads.

    The mystical blue-violet flowers are about two inches across. The deep blue-violet flower is very attractive and unusual.

    The pea-sized seeds are edible and a good source of starch. Each fruit will contain 8-15 seeds.

    This aquatic plant, native to India, can be grown and enjoyed in backyard water gardens by planting in smaller containers such as the medium crate. It’s a show stopper in any water garden pool!

  • ‘Royal Purple’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

    This ‘Royal Purple’ pygmy water lily is outstanding with royal purple blossoms that are 6 to 8″ in diameter. This is a fragrant water lily with with golden yellow sepals.

    It is easy to grow and is ideal for tub water gardens or small ponds.

    Side Note: If you visit Tricker’s historic greenhouses you will exit down Buskirk Boulevard which was dedicated to Mr. Buskirk in 1927. It was his family that owned the land in the 1860s that Tricker’s National Historic District where the greenhouses still produce some of the finest water lilies in the world.

    Hybridized By: Mr. Albert Buskirk, Independence, OH in 1927.

  • ‘Director George T. Moore’ Tropical Water Lily

    Tricker’s has been offering the beloved water lily, named after the renowned Director George T. Moore, for many years! Discover the charm of this unique hybrid by ordering one or more today. Find out for yourself why it has remained a favorite for decades!

  • Dauben pygmy water lilies

    ‘Dauben Pygmy’Tropical Water Lily

    Experience the exquisite beauty of the ‘Dauben’ water lily, a remarkable German hybrid that stands out among viviparous pygmy hybrids. With its stunning pale lavender-blue flowers, this water lily is a true marvel. Each lily pad boasts a flourishing plant at its center, adorned with an abundance of small flowers, provided there is ample space for it to flourish.

  • ‘Mrs. Martin Randig’ Tropical Water Lily

    ‘Mrs. Martin Randig’ is the second patented water lily which occurred on October 11, 1938. The ancestry of this hybrid is found in such water lilies as the ‘Panama Pacific’ (a Tricker hybrid), ‘Lilac Queen’, ‘Royal Zanzibar’, ‘Indigo Zanzibar’, and ‘Amethyst’.

    The blossoms are dark purple, sepals a dark rose pink and delightfully fragrant.

    Its pads are green with a bronze red underside. The plants are viviparous.

    Add a treat to your water garden pool with historic patented water lily! You will discover the beauty that the hybridizer Martin Randig saw when he created such a beautiful hybrid water lily!

  • Midnight tropical water lily

    ‘Midnight’ Tropical Water Lily

    Get ready to meet the magical ‘Midnight’ Water Lily – she’s a real beauty! Her petite purple blossoms are like little jewels, sparkling with golden centers that make you smile. And oh, that sweet fragrance will delight your senses!

    This water lily’s center starts small, with leaf-like petals, before bursting open into a gorgeous explosion of purple petals. It’s so fun to watch them unfold!

    Her cute little leaves are a party of colors – dark green on top and a splash of reddish-brown and purple underneath. It’s like she’s wearing a colorful outfit!

    The best part is you can keep this pixie-sized lily in a large aquarium or tub at home. Then her enchanting blossoms and fabulous colors will brighten up your space and fill you with joy. The ‘Midnight’ Water Lily will cast a happy spell on you!

  • ‘Judge Hitchcock’ Tropical Water Lily

    This ‘Judge Hitchcock’ water lily has large, very fragrant flowers with three beautiful shades of blue-violet, a trait that is most admirable.

    The pads are small, dark green flecked reddish brown on top and purple beneath.

    This beautiful water lily will stand out in any garden.

    Hybridized By: 1941, famous hybridizer, George Pring of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, introduced this water lily

  • ‘Purple Joy’ Bi-color Tropical Water Lily

    This Purple Joy Water Lily is a newer hybrid introduced by Ao Weerada of Buafah Gardens in Thailand.

    It is an outstanding white water lily with petal tips that are deep purples and magenta. The pads are a outstanding color of green that contrast with the purple and white petals. The flower bud shows a most unusual attractive deep purple coloration, see images.

    The water lily is strongly viviparous and an unusual addition to any water garden pool.

  • ‘Francis B. Griffith’ Tropical Water Lily

    Francis B. Griffith. Has delicate blossoms of deep purple overlaid with deep red at the edges. A viviparous hybrid developed by famous hybridizer August Koch of Chicago. The leaves are a green speckled brown. A beautiful lily that adds charm to any water garden.

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    ‘Black Prince’ Tropical Water Lily

    The Black Prince water lily is one of the deepest purple water lilies. It’s a profuse bloomer and can be enjoyed by the multiple of blooms all summer long. The leaves are colorfully mottled giving it a beautiful sight to see. This truly admirable plant with its deep purplish-blue and stellate blooms was introduced in 1987 by Charles Winch, a hybrizer and fish breeder from Australia. This lily will stand out in your water garden pool!

  • ‘Islamorada’ Tropical Water Lily

    The ‘Islamorada’ water lily displays delicate deep purple blossoms overlaid with white spots. It’s a viviparous hybrid with leaves that are a deep green speckled with brown.

    This is an easy-to-grow water lily that adds charm to any water garden pool.

  • ‘King of Blues’ Tropical Water Lily

    This 1955 King of Blues is navy blue with yellow stamens tipped blue and sepals blue with purple overtones. Our customers love its beauty.

    This lily was hybridized by Perry Slocum who commented that it is truly one of the most beautiful blues for a medium or large pool. Our stock plants came directly from Perry’s nursery in the 1950s and have a most proven, stable, reproduction of color.

  • 'Blue Bird' water lily

    ‘Blue Bird’ Tropical Water Lily

    The ‘Blue Bird’ water lily is renowned as a symbol of good fortune in every water garden. Throughout the summer season, its abundant deep-blue aromatic blossoms bring an enchanting allure to any aquatic landscape.

  • ‘Colonel Lindberg’ Tropical Water Lily

    Experience the captivating beauty of the ‘Colonel Lindberg’ hybrid. With its stunning dark blue blossoms boasting wide petals and a delightful fragrance, this water lily is a true marvel. The flowers gracefully rise above the water’s surface, showcasing their elegance.

  • ‘Henry Shaw’ Tropical Water Lily

    This Henry Shaw water lily was hybridized in 1917 by the famous Missouri Botanical Garden hybridizer, George Pring. He named it after Henry Shaw who founded the world famous Missouri Botanical Gardens in 1899.

    The flowers are about 8″ diameter with three shades of blue with an unusually large number of golden stamens tipped blue. The inside of the sepals are violet colored. It is cup shaped and very fragrant.

    The pads are small, dark-green that are flecked reddish brown on top and purple beneath.

  • ‘Margaret Randig’ Tropical Water Lily

    The Margaret Randig water lily was hybridized by the famous hybridizer, Martin Randig in 1939. He described it as his greatest creation because of the large and fragrant blossoms.

    The flowers are rich dark blue with broad petals. It’s dark green pads have  spots of bronze.

    Thiy is an extremely vigorous grower with many blossoms all summer long! Grow this water lily today, and you will also agree that this is perhaps his greatest production.

  • ‘Blue Star’ Tropical Water Lily

    Elevate the beauty of your water garden pool with the exquisite ‘Blue Star’ water lily. Its large, star-shaped blossoms in a captivating shade of light-blue, adorned with a deep yellow center, will surely steal the spotlight. The contrast created by its dark green leaves as a backdrop further enhances the allure of these magnificent blooms, which gracefully rise above the water surface.

  • ‘William Stone’ Tropical Water Lily

    This ‘William Stone’ is an attractive sky blue with a tint of violet colored flower. The blossoms are different than most water lilies and are star-shaped and open early in the morning and do not close until late in the afternoon.

    The aromatic flowers reach well above the water making it one of the tallest  water lilies.  The characteristic sepals bending down creating a real art of beauty.

    This water lily will truly stand out among the rest of your water lilies. An extremely beautiful prolific bloomer. Famous author and well known American aquarist Dr. William Innes has stated that he has counted a total of 20 buds and blooms visible at the same time on one plant.

    Hybridized By: The late William Tricker produced this wonderful hybrid in 1897.”

  • ‘Marmorata’ Tropical Water Lily

    Marmorata is George Pring hybrid that was developed in 1917 from the popular water lily Mrs. Edwards Whitaker.
    The large blue flowers emanate a delightful fragrance.  The numerous lavender petals are thin with beautiful light green irregularly blotched pads that are reddish brown on the upper surface, dark densely spotted with purplish blue on the underside.
    The Marmorata will stand out in any water garden pool as a favorite water lily that has been a water of choice at Tricker’s nursery for decades!

  • ‘August Koch’ Tropical Water Lily

    The ‘August Koch’ water lily is a popular choice for indoor floral arrangements, adding beauty to any space. It is often selected as cut flowers for indoor enjoyment, with attractive reddish yellow stamens inside lilac sepals. This water lily is viviparous and thrives in small pools, making it suitable for areas with limited sunlight. Its lavender-blue blossoms are not only beautiful but also have a delightful fragrance.

  • ‘Leopardess’ Tropical Water Lily

    Leopardess. Introduced by hybridizer Martin Randig in 1931, with very fragrant, unusual cobalt blue, medium sized blossoms. Leaves are deep green, spotted and striped with maroon, one of the deepest marked leaves among the varieties of water lilies. It is a easy grower and produces an abundance of aromatic flowers during the growing season. If you want to have an outstanding plant, with mottled leaves then this is the one for you! Also, do not forget to review our 2014 introduction of Pink Sapphire water lily that rivals the Leopardess in the class of mottling pads. Purchase both, and you will have a wonderful collection of a cobalt flowered and contrasting pink flowered water lily with truly strikingly mottled pads to show case your water garden pool!

  • ‘Noelene’ Tropical Water Lily

    This gorgeous Noelene water lily is a blue to lavender hybrid that was developed in Australia.

    It has heavy mottled leaves that stand out in the water garden pool.

    It was brought in from Australia to Tricker’s Nurseries in 1990 and selected from hundreds of varieties. It has proven to stand among one of our better water lilies.

  • ‘Tina’ Tropical Water Lily

    Tina. A beautiful viviparous hybrid which combines shades of purple, red and pink in the blossoms. The bright yellow center is surrounded with many lavender stamens. Produces an abundance of fragrant flowers all summer long! A must in any pool! A popular choice when walking through the aquatic greenhouses at Tricker’s!

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    ‘Blue Gigantea’ Tropical Water Lily

    Blue Gigantea. One of our favorite tropical water lilies that was introduced into the United States in the 1800s. The species is native to Australia. It is considered the “queen of the water lilies“. It has one of the longest enduring blossoms, which is open on five to seven successive days from eight to nine a.m. until twilight. The blossoms, sky blue in color, sometimes have a diameter of 12 inches. The blossoms are held on strong stalks. Because the stalks are so large and have many air channels, they were once used by the aborigines when forced to take to the water to escape from enemies. The supply is limited so order early to reserve yours. The plant typically establishes in Tricker’s nursery in the later Spring (May) and only will ship when planting conditions are optimum for your area. Once established in your water garden it will become characteristically spectacular.

  • ‘Purple Starburst’ Tropical Water Lily

    This unusual 2019 Tricker hybrid Purple Starburst Water Lily is yellow at the base of the flower petals as the petals change to a purple. Purple and yellow make delightful contrast. The water lily appears to glow with the yellow center.

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    Blue, Blue & Purple Pygmy Tropical Water Lilies

    Immerse yourself in the calming hues ranging from mesmerizing blues to captivating purples, creating a serene ambiance as you admire your very own water lily pond. These remarkable specimens thrive effortlessly in both vibrant and gentle lighting conditions, ensuring a delightful addition to any pool.

    One of each is included.

    1. ‘Dauben’ tropical pygmy water lily.
    2. ‘Colorata’ tropical pygmy water lily.
    3. ‘Royal Purple’ tropical pygmy water lily.