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  • Victoria water lily

    Victoria trickeri


    The interesting Victoria trickeri  has enormous pads that animals and young children can stand on.

    The pads that can reach 6′ diameter and curl up 8″ at the edges  have a light-green color on top with purple underneath. The under structure of the leaf and stems are covered by thorns.

    The enormous flowers are creamy white in the evening of the first day and closes around mid-morning. On day 2, the flower opens about 4 p.m. and is a deep pink. It doesn’t need high water temperatures as other Victoria species. The fragrance is similar to pineapples.

    In temperate regions, the Victoria water lilies are treated as annuals and require treatment as tender nymphaea.

    The Victoria trickeri can grow in large or medium sized pools under the right conditions. It’s a fast grower, and under optimal growing conditions, a spectacular scene will appear in  your water garden pond.

    Read more about the amazing discovery and fabulous characteristics of Victoria trickeri our book, Tricker’s 1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers.

    NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING Victoria trickeri: This plant be harvested when the plant is strong enough to ship and grow in your area. Thus, this plant may not follow the standard shipping times. You can preorder now to reserve this for your fabulous water garden pond or lake.


  • Euryale (or ‘Gorgon’) Tropical Aquatic Plant


    Euryale’, also known as the ‘Gorgon Plant’, has huge pads that can grow from 4′-5′ in diameter that are green with blood-red veins. The sharp thorns are along the top and bottom of the pads.

    The mystical blue-violet flowers are about two inches across. The deep blue-violet flower is very attractive and unusual.

    The pea-sized seeds are edible and a good source of starch. Each fruit will contain 8-15 seeds.

    This aquatic plant, native to India, can be grown and enjoyed in backyard water gardens by planting in smaller containers such as the medium crate. It’s a show stopper in any water garden pool!

  • Victoria and Euryale or Gorgon Giant Water Lily

    Victoria and Euryale Collection


    Victoria and Euryale Collection will impress you friends as it grows larger and larger. Add both Tricker’s Victoria and Euryale to your water garden pool at a special price. This would be a spectacular site in any pool, large or small.