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  • 100-watt pond heater

    100-Watt Pond Deicer Thermo Pond

    If you live in an area where ice formation is a concern during winter, it is important to consider a pool heater. The Thermo Pond Pool Heater 3.0 is designed to float on the water’s surface and consumes only 100 watts of energy.

    It has an automatic thermostat that activates when the water temperature nears freezing, ensuring a hole is maintained in the ice up to minus 20 degrees F. With a 12-foot power cord, it is suitable for extreme cold conditions and has been tested accordingly.

    This pool heater is safe for pond liners and plastic ponds, eliminating the need for a pond guard. It is recommended to use one unit for every 1000 gallons of water, and its protected heating element does not require regular cleaning with lime removing cleaners.

  • Laguna 315 Watt Pond Deicer

    This pond Laguna Heater De-Icer maintains a vent hole in the ice for gas exchange. It uses only 315 watts.
    It has a LED light that glows when de-icer is functioning.
    A 15-Watt heating element melts snow on contact.

    The unit has a thermostatically controlled safety feature that will automatically turn off the heating element when the core unit reaches 34 degrees C or 93 degrees F. This unit also has a safety shut off within 90 seconds if the unit is out of the water.

    It’s safe for plastic and liner ponds and will not harm fish and plants.

    Two important options to consider:

    1. In climates with severe winter conditions the use of a Aerator Pump or Kit is recommended to use with the surface de-icer.
    2. Use of the manufacturer correct Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) can be added. GFCI should always be used with any electrical items around the water garden pool. If unsure, please call to discuss this safety.
  • Laguna 500 Watt Pond Deicer

    The Laguna 500 Watt Pond Heater/De-icer with Special Fish Food Offer will maintain a vent hole in the ice at the pond surface for proper exchange of gases. This heater is made to last. It’s made from rugged, stainless steel and uses 500 watts.

    This pond heater has two thermo-sensors to sense water temperature from different locations within the unit. It’s superior in freezing temperatures.

    Safe for plastic or rubber liners.
    Has a highly visible LED light to indicate proper functioning
    It can be used with the Aerator Kit or Air Pump to give off bubbles that helps to prevent surface ice formation.

    A GFCI is highly recommended with any electrical device used in the water garden pool.

    This pond heater, over 200 Watts, is highly recommended by Tricker’s in the Northern winter climates at latitudes of Chicago, Cleveland, and New York and especially any latitudes North of this line or in areas when winters become severe causing ice buildup on pools.

  • Pondmaster 120-Watt Pond Deicer

    The Pondmaster 120 Watt De-icer has 120 watts of heating power, thermostatic control, double watertight seal, and will not harm flexible or preformed pools. It’s red so that you can easily locate the de-icer in your pond.

    Where the threat of ice in winter is obvious, a pool heater should be considered. The aquatic life in your pond, especially the fish, cannot survive heavy ice buildup and noxious gases may be trapped.

    An automatic thermostat senses the water temperature and turns on when the temperature of the water approaches freezing.

    This will not harm pond liners or plastic ponds and does not need a pond guard.

    Use one unit per 2000 gallons.

    This has a protected heating element that does not need to be routinely cleaned with lime removing cleaners.

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

    Be safe with any electrical device used in your water garden pool. Ensure to have a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection. Do not confuse this with the standard circuit breakers we are all familiar with that is in our homes. This GFCI is designed to be used around water and moisture where electricity is most dangerous. GFCI are designed to sense a very small amount of electrical mismatch and react extremely quick in fractions of a second in cutting off the electricity. Thus, the reaction of the GFCI with electricity makes them very different than the familiar standard circuit breaker.

    Use for pumps, lights, and any electrical unit for your pond
    2 pole
    125 VAC, 15 Amps, 60 Htz, 1875 Watts