Laguna 500 Watt Pond Deicer

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The Laguna 500 Watt Pond Heater/De-icer with Special Fish Food Offer will maintain a vent hole in the ice at the pond surface for proper exchange of gases. This heater is made to last. It’s made from rugged, stainless steel and uses 500 watts.

This pond heater has two thermo-sensors to sense water temperature from different locations within the unit. It’s superior in freezing temperatures.

Safe for plastic or rubber liners.
Has a highly visible LED light to indicate proper functioning
It can be used with the Aerator Kit or Air Pump to give off bubbles that helps to prevent surface ice formation.

A GFCI is highly recommended with any electrical device used in the water garden pool.

This pond heater, over 200 Watts, is highly recommended by Tricker’s in the Northern winter climates at latitudes of Chicago, Cleveland, and New York and especially any latitudes North of this line or in areas when winters become severe causing ice buildup on pools.

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Size: 5" H x 7.5" DiaSize: 22-ft cord.500 Watts

Add a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - GFCI

A GFCI, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is recommended to use with any electrical device used with the pond if your outlet is missing this feature. It will prevent any accidental electrical shock that can harm you or your pond pets. Just plug into any outlet.

Add Laguna Pond Aeration Kit with Heater

This Laguna Aeration Kit, used in conjunction with the pool heater and has everything you need to make bubbles in your pool that will aid in help keeping the ice forming at the surface.

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