Medium-Duty Copper Spray Rings

Elegance is a classic water display long associated with traditional water designs. Use in small or large ornamental ponds, fountain displays or lakes.

Spray rings may be ordered either as separate water features for ponds and pools, or as accessory add-ons to some Henri fountains. When ordering a ring as a separate water feature, specify leg height. Approximate water heights are provided for our most popular circular spray rings.

Generally large spray rings ship by freight. You can save money by agreeing to have them cut to ship via FedEx, UPS or other standard carrier. Sleeves will be supplied so that you can solder-weld them together.

These delightful medium-duty spray rings are constructed of 3/4 inch copper tube with three piece, swivel brass jets (adjustable for spray angle) for a spectacular water display.

NOTE: To request a quotation and discuss the prices, select "Request a Quote", below, and complete checkout. You will be contacted to discuss this when the freight rate is determined, usually within 2 business days. No payment is needed at this time. To purchase parts or if you have questions, please call Donna, our Gardecor Outdoor Decor specialist at 1-855-222-1001 or email her here.

MD Spray Ring Diameter in Inches *

Price is based on the size of the ring (per diameter inch). Please enter your required diameter in the qty. Minimum diameter is 20"

Medium-Duty Spray Ring Diameter in Inches #MDSR
$45.00 $34.00   On Sale!

Number of Medium-Duty Spray Ring Jets *

Factory recommends no closer than 4" spacing between jets. Consider the circumference in inches (spray-ring diameter in inches x 3.14). Then divide that number by the spacing between the jets.
For a 36" spray ring, the circumference is 113". If you want a 4" spacing, that would be 28 jets. NOTE: 113/4 = 28.26 so the 28 jets will be spaced a tad more than 4". Or, see the chart, above.

Spray Rings and Foggers Category
Medium-Duty Spray Ring, Number of Jets #MDSR-Jet $28.00 $22.00   On Sale!

MD Spray Ring Legs *

Legs will lift your spray ring above the water surface. If the orifices are below the surface, then the spray will be obstructed. If you are unsure of the length, get it longer and cut it to your desired length.

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About Freight Delivery

We are here to help you through the process. Please keep our contact information during delivery in case you have questions.

There is a more detailed explanation here (new window/tab), Receiving Freight Shipments.

  • The outdoor cast stone decor such as fountains, furniture, statues are manufactured per order. The production time can vary. This does not include transit time.
  • The shipper will call you to schedule delivery. Customers must be available to sign for the fountain at time of delivery.
  • Merchandise shipping via freight (not UPS, not USPS or the like) is curbside delivery. The crate(s) will be offloaded and set on the curbside, not in the street. Recipient is responsible for moving the merchandise to the desired location.
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  • Our Gardecor Specialist will be available to answer questions and explain the procedure. She will advise you if you'll need a forklift to remove the merchandise from the truck during delivery. Most of the merchandise can be offloaded with the truck's liftgate. Call 1-800-524-3492 to reach the specialist.


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