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‘Pink Perfection’ Tropical Water Lily

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The ‘Pink Perfection’ has a rich pink color and is very fragrant. The blossoms are high above the water’s surface and can grow to 8″ diameter. It’s blossoms can stay open in late afternoon long after others have closed. This is a prolific bloomer and quite vigorous throughout the season.

It’s pads are heavily variegated with a red coloring underneath. Look closely in the photograph and see the attractive flowers and mottled leaves, the perfection of a pink flowered water lily!

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The ‘Pink Perfection’ boasts a vibrant pink hue and a delightful fragrance, with blooms that sit high above the water and can reach up to 8 inches in diameter. Its flowers remain open well into the late afternoon, outlasting others that have already closed for the day. Known for its abundant blooming and strong growth, this plant thrives throughout the season.

Preferred Growing Conditions:
Part sun to full sun.
USDA zone: 4-10
Blossoms up to 8".
Leaf pads: 10"-12".
Spread: 6'-7'.
Botanical Name:
Nymphaea 'Pink Perfection'

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