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Ruffled Water Lettuce Plant

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This ‘Ruffled Water Lettuce’ will add a fun texture to your water garden. Many of these floating plants can help to reduce algal blooms by blocking sunlight. This is not edible.

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Add a unique touch to your water garden with this ‘Ruffled Water Lettuce’! These floating plants can also assist in preventing algal blooms by providing shade. Just a heads up – this plant is not meant for consumption.

6" H x 10" W
Preferred Growing Conditions:
This is a fast growing plant.
Full to partial sun. Best is full sun.
USDA Zone 8-10 depending on climate.
Botanical Name:
Pistia stratiotes 'variegated'
Prohibited in:

This table shows the estimated shipping weeks for destinations to USA states. These dates can change depending on weather and how strong the plants are at that time. For example, a wet spring will have many clouds leading to less sunshine. Thus, the plants may need a bit longer to grow strong enough for transplanting and transit. With the planet heating up, a warm spring may help the plants grow strong enough to ship before the dates in this table. This applies to pick-ups a well as shipping.

End of April: FL, LA, TX
First Week of May: AL, AZ, GA, MS, NM, OK
Second Week of May: AR, CA, NV, NC, SC, TN
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