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Thrift Trio Water Lilies

Item # 10-6037


Enjoy a full day of blossoms with the “Thrift Trio” at an exclusive rate. This set includes a vibrant purple day blooming water lily, a captivating pink night blooming tropical water lily, and a pristine white hardy perennial water lily.
Includes one of each:

  1. ‘Director Moore’, a purple tropical water lily with slightly mottled leaves,
  2. ‘Mrs. George Hitchcock’, a tropical night bloomer with a striking rose pink blossoms and copper green leaves and
  3. ‘Marliac’ a white hardy water lily with snow-white blossoms that will flower throughout the season under the right conditions.

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Optional Lattice Aquatic Plant Container

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Round Lattice Crates
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Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Tablets

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Trico Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Pellets, 12 Tabs
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