Shield of Guarantee

You will receive a “Guaranteed to Grow” warranty only if your plant ships according to Tricker’s Safe Shipping Schedule (which is the same as our Spring Shipping Schedule). If you opt to have your order ship before our Safe Shipping Schedule, then this warranty is void even if you say that it’s for an indoor water garden or a southern region. The safe time to ship depends on the following:

  • Growth phase of the plant. Younger plants will be too fragile to ship whereas older ones may be too brittle. So, if the early spring growing season was sunny and warm, then the plants should be strong enough to ship according to our estimated time frame. If the early spring season has a lot of storms, cloud cover, cooler weather, then we wait a bit longer for the plants to get to the right growth phase to ship.
  • What the weather will be like during transit, not at the destination. That cannot be determined until it’s closer to shipping time. With a warming planet, we are finding that orders can ship a little sooner than in the past. However, the actual shipping date depends on local weather conditions, such as snow storms, cooler weather, or hurricanes approaching land.
  • Destination. The weather in southern states will allow shipping earlier than those farther north because the water gardens have warmed up earlier from their winter. The key is water temperature – water gardens must reach an optimal range for plants to flourish in a vibrant display. We hold off on deliveries farther north until northern water gardens have had time to properly warm after the cooler winter temperatures. This careful timing ensures beautiful, healthy water gardens across all regions, despite geographic and seasonal differences.

Your order invoice will show the estimated ship date as “the week of”. Tricker’s has decades of experience shipping to both northern and southern regions, which helps them to determine the estimated ship week. With over a century of experience growing aquatic plants, Tricker’s can closely approximate the date to ship for you.

Kindly note that the date mentioned on your invoice might be subject to change as we approach the shipping season. As we get closer to the end of April and the beginning of May, we will provide you with an updated shipping week that is more precise and send it to you via email.

The map shows the approximate Safe Shipping Schedule for aquatic plant orders placed before June 1st.

Spring Safe Shipping Map of USA
Spring Safe Shipping Map

Orders placed prior to June 1st: Approximate Safe Ship Dates for Tropical Plants (hardy plants typically go out earlier)
1 = End-April
2 = Beginning May
3 = Mid-May
4 = End-May
5 = End-May-June (typically End-May depending upon weather conditions and variety of aquatics selected).
AFTER JUNE 1 all orders are shipped ASAP.

Thank you for showing interest in water gardening and Tricker’s. Our goal is to help you create a stunning water garden that surpasses all expectations.