Tricker’s sells wholesale to qualified businesses. Wholesale accounts include commercial nurseries, landscapers, botanical gardens, distributors, etc. It does not include private individuals, condominium complexes or other non-B2B entities. If you are a private individual and plan to make a large order, please contact us with a list for a quotation.
Wholesale products are as follows:

  • Live Plants
  • Beneficial Aquatic Animals
  • Water garden hardgoods such as Trickerlite plant food, Praefecta pumps, liners, etc.
  • Aquarium hardgoods

Wholesale accounts do not include outdoor decor such as cast stone fountains, benches, etc. and bronze or brass spigots and other high-end outdoor decor. Contact our Gardecor® Specialist for a good deal on those items.

If you’re looking to buy in bulk, there is a minimum order requirement of $250. However, bulk discounts are available contingent on your total purchase and your buying history. Just contact us now.

Payment is credit card or check. Shipments may experience a delay if payment is by check so that the check can clear the bank.

You will receive a special wholesale account to purchase at your reduced price.