100-Watt Pond Deicer Thermo Pond

Item # 20-5050


If you live in an area where ice formation is a concern during winter, it is important to consider a pool heater. The Thermo Pond Pool Heater 3.0 is designed to float on the water’s surface and consumes only 100 watts of energy.

It has an automatic thermostat that activates when the water temperature nears freezing, ensuring a hole is maintained in the ice up to minus 20 degrees F. With a 12-foot power cord, it is suitable for extreme cold conditions and has been tested accordingly.

This pool heater is safe for pond liners and plastic ponds, eliminating the need for a pond guard. It is recommended to use one unit for every 1000 gallons of water, and its protected heating element does not require regular cleaning with lime removing cleaners.

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