Extra-Large AquaToughTM Pond Liners

These fish-friendly AquaTough rubber pond liners are flexible, has long-term durability, and easy to install. They are an ideal choice for a variety of waterscape applications including backyard water gardens.

This liner has the added benefit of J-Tear protection.When the J-Tear test is successful the sheet will tear in the direction ofthe cut for a short distance and then it will change direction and attemptto curve back on itself. The direction change is important during the membrane installation process. As the installer works around protrusions, the J-tear stops the membrane from tearing as they install the sheet. Or, as you can see withthe competitor’s membrane, the tear will continue down the length of themembrane.

These extra-large AquaTough pond liners are perfect for very large water gardens. These are perfect for condominiums, businesses, parks and other large displays. They are high quality and proven to last.

Estimating Your Pool Liner Size.

  1. Determine the length, width and depth in feet. E.g., 5 ft x 6 ft x 3 ft deep.
  2. To the width (5 ft) and to the length (6 ft), add 2 x depth (2 x 3 ft = 6) plus 1 foot for overlap at the pond’s rim. For example,

    Dimension #1: 5 (width) + 6 (2 x depth) + 1 (edge overlap) = 12 ft.

    Dimension #2: 6 (length) + 6 (2 x depth) + 1 (edge overlap) = 13-ft.

    You would need at least a 12 x 13-ft size. If you buy larger, you’ll have room for more overlap at the pond’s edge or error in estimating too small width and/or length.

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