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Complete Aquatic Plant Collection A-3

Complete Aquatic Collection A-3 for a water garden pond about 10′ x 12′ – 15′. This collection includes some of the finest water lilies and you can choose either tropicals or hardies.

Water Lilies: The finest selection of 5 Tropical Water Lilies are as follows:

  • ‘Blue Beauty’ with beautiful blue flowers
  • ‘Trail Blazer’ with dazzling yellow flowers
  • ‘Director Moore’ with perfect purple flowers
  • ‘Emily Grant Hutchings’ a night bloomer with red flowers and
  • ‘Alice Tricker’ with pure white flowers

OR the excellent selection of 5 Hardy Water Lilies:

  • ‘Gloriosa’ with glorious red flowers
  • ‘Marliac White’ with pure white flowers
  • ‘Comanche’ with changing blossoms from apricot to yellow
  • ‘Rose Arey’ with showy pink flowers and
  • ‘Chromatella’ with brillyyellow flowers

Aquatic Plants: you will also receive 36 aquatic plants that includes

  • 18 shallow water plants,
  • 12 oxygenators and
  • 6 floating plants

All will bring beauty to your water garden pool.

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Add Trico Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Pellets

Trico stimulates growth of flowers. Insert near the roots. Use monthly during the growing season.

Trico Aquatic Fertilizer Pellets
Trico Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Pellets, 50 Tabs
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