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‘Fuchsia Pom Pom’ Hardy Water Lily

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 Experience the beauty of Nymphaea ‘Fuchsia Pom Pom’, a stunning fuchsia colored double flowered hardy water lily created by George Tony Moore. With its rich pink hue, vibrant blooms, and bronze-green foliage, this water lily will bring drama and excitement to your water garden.

Appearance. The flowers are brilliant fuchsia colored with a bronze green foliage. The many flower petals add to the esthetics and beauty of this plant.

Benefits. Hardy Water Lilies  offer a landing pad for bees to drink, above shelter for your aquatic animals, and the pad shadows help to prevent algae growth.

Maintenance. As other water lilies, ‘Fuchsia Pom Pom’ prefers standing water with no fountains or currents. That is why you don’t see water lilies in rivers, streams, or creeks. Do not use soil with herbicides or pesticides. Avoid potting soil or other mixes that have floating components such as sticks. You can start at a depth close to the surface for stronger sun rays and warmer temperatures. Then, move the container deeper as it grows and gets established. Keep the planter below the winter freezing line. Cutting flowers for decorative purposes indoors may stimulate continued growth in the pond.

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Size: Flower size: 5"-6" Height above water: 3"-4" Lily pad size: 6"-8" Plant spread: 3'-5'

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Growing Conditions:
Full to partial shade. USDA Zone 4
Flower size: 5"-6" Height above water: 3"-4" Lily pad size: 6"-8" Plant spread: 3'-5'
Hybridized By:
George Tony Moore
Botanical Name:
Nymphaea 'Fuchsia Pom Pom'

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