PondMAX Aeration Kit & Parts

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Tricker’s fish department has lot of air bubbles in all the fish tanks. This aerator provides the following benefits:

  1. Provides water aeration for your live aquatic organisms (fish, snails, crustaceans, etc.). In the summer water waters, the demand of oxygen increases. This is ideal for Tub Gardens with fish.
  2. The “good” bacteria need good air. The “rotten egg” smell from stagnant water is from by bacteria that can live in water that is oxygen void.
  3. This can be used with Pond Heaters or Pond De-Icers or alone as an aerator. The build up of ice is inhibited to allow noxious gases to escape during winter. It also provides air.

Your fish will enjoy playing in the bubbles. This is an essential and beneficial feature of any water garden swimming pool.

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Includes aeration pump, 1" cube air stone, and airline tubing.

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Aeration pump, 1" cube air stone,and airline tubing.


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