• Tropical Josephine Pygmy Water Lily

    ‘Josephine’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

    The pygmy ‘Josephine’ water lily has pure white medium-sized flowers that are cup shaped.

    The round water lily pads are solid green. This has a small spread.

    This will add a wonderful color contrast to your other colored water lilies as it stands out in your water garden pond or tub garden.

  • Colorata Water Lily

    ‘Colorata’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

    Transform your water garden into a captivating oasis with this remarkable species. Perfect for small water gardens, it has stunning 3-4 inch flowers with pale violet petals transitioning to vibrant yellow at the base. The stamens are purple, gradually lightening towards the apex with a primrose yellow base.

  • Dauben pygmy water liliesDauben pygmy water lilies

    ‘Dauben Pygmy’Tropical Water Lily

    Experience the exquisite beauty of the ‘Dauben’ water lily, a remarkable German hybrid that stands out among viviparous pygmy hybrids. With its stunning pale lavender-blue flowers, this water lily is a true marvel. Each lily pad boasts a flourishing plant at its center, adorned with an abundance of small flowers, provided there is ample space for it to flourish.

  • Exotic Trio Collection of 3 Tropical Pygmy Water Lilies

    Includes one (1) of each of these pygmy lilies:

      1. ‘Patricia’ pygmy water lily
      2. ‘Colorata’ pygmy water lily
      3. ‘St. Louis Gold’ pygmy which has outstanding yellow flowers, unmatched in the changing of the leaves from copper to green.

    The Exotic Trio collection is an ideal choice for those with smaller water gardens. These plants can also be used to create a portable display on patios or decks by planting them in their own miniature water gardens. If planting individually, select a container that can hold at least 2 gallons of water. You can either add soil to the container to plant the lilies or pot each lily in its own pot and place it in the water. These plants can even be brought indoors for added versatility.

  • Midnight tropical water lily

    ‘Midnight’ Tropical Water Lily

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    Get ready to meet the magical ‘Midnight’ Water Lily – she’s a real beauty! Her petite purple blossoms are like little jewels, sparkling with golden centers that make you smile. And oh, that sweet fragrance will delight your senses!

    This water lily’s center starts small, with leaf-like petals, before bursting open into a gorgeous explosion of purple petals. It’s so fun to watch them unfold!

    Her cute little leaves are a party of colors – dark green on top and a splash of reddish-brown and purple underneath. It’s like she’s wearing a colorful outfit!

    The best part is you can keep this pixie-sized lily in a large aquarium or tub at home. Then her enchanting blossoms and fabulous colors will brighten up your space and fill you with joy. The ‘Midnight’ Water Lily will cast a happy spell on you!

  • 'Patricia' Water Lily

    ‘Patricia’ Tropical Water Lily

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    This hybrid free blooming tropical water lily with crimson flowers and pale green leaves.

    Plant and maintain as for all tropical water lilies. The plants are viviparous with moderate growth and well adapted to tub culture for use in small pools. It grows well in semi-shaded areas.

    The Nymphaea ‘Patricia’ tropical water lily was hybridized in 1927 by W.G. O’Brien, VP of William Tricker, Inc. He named it after his wife. ‘Patricia’ is the only pink flowered pygmy waterlily in the world and has never been equaled!

    This is one of Tricker’s special water lilies that has been enjoyed for decades! It’s a rare beauty!

  • ‘Royal Purple’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

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    This ‘Royal Purple’ pygmy water lily is outstanding with royal purple blossoms that are 6 to 8″ in diameter. This is a fragrant water lily with with golden yellow sepals.

    It is easy to grow and is ideal for tub water gardens or small ponds.

    Hybridized By: Mr. Albert Buskirk, Independence, OH in 1927.

  • 'St Louis Gold' Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

    ‘St Louis Gold’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

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    Discover the enchanting ‘St. Louis Gold’ water lily, a remarkable hybrid boasting an abundance of medium-sized blossoms in a captivating citron yellow hue. The lily pads, reaching a diameter of 10″ to 12″, exhibit a mesmerizing dark green color with subtle brown flushes, gradually fading to a soothing green as they mature.

    This versatile water lily thrives when rooted in small crates, making it a perfect choice for tub gardens or as a centerpiece in your expansive water garden pool.

  • ‘Glowing Lavender’ Pygmy Tropical Water Lily

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    This ‘Glowing Lavender’ water lily is excellent for cooler or warmer water and blooms well into the fall months. Produces an abundance of flowers. Will be at home in a tub garden or that special place in your water garden pool.

  • Sale! Blue Water lily blooming in a pond

    Blue, Blue & Purple Pygmy Tropical Water Lilies

    Sold Out

    Immerse yourself in the calming hues ranging from mesmerizing blues to captivating purples, creating a serene ambiance as you admire your very own water lily pond. These remarkable specimens thrive effortlessly in both vibrant and gentle lighting conditions, ensuring a delightful addition to any pool.

    One of each is included.

    1. ‘Dauben’ tropical pygmy water lily.
    2. ‘Colorata’ tropical pygmy water lily.
    3. ‘Royal Purple’ tropical pygmy water lily.