Praefecta Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

Praefecta is a superb initial starter aquatic fertilizer for mixing into the topsoil for water lilies, lotus, and other aquatics that was developed by one of Tricker’s chemist to begin aquatic growth. It was introduced years ago in “Popular Science” magazine and has a proven formula for aquatic plants. It is used as an initial fertilizer to promote robust growth by mixing 1/4 pound to 1 cubic foot of topsoil. After about four weeks, the use of Tricker’s Trico fertilizer pellets should be used.

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Use Praefecta Fertilizer For Your Water Plants. It can also be used for any other form of flowers and perennials with excellent results.

After years of experimental work in our laboratory decades ago, we perfected a scientifically prepared chemical fertilizer, our Praefecta, excellent for water lilies and aquatic plants.

Mix 1 cup with about 7 gallons of soil or use a small amount any time to feed plants. Apply according to instructions on containers. Stimulates growth of plants. Be sure to include Praefecta with your order.


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