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Fertilizer Planting Collections have the recommended aquatic planting supplies at a reduced price over individual prices.

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  • Praefecta granular fertilizer, a highly effective aquatic fertilizer, is specifically designed to kickstart the growth of water lilies, lotus, and other aquatic plants. Developed by Tricker’s chemist, this fertilizer has been featured in Popular Science magazine and has a proven formula for promoting healthy growth. To ensure robust growth, simply mix 1/4 pound of Praefecta into every cubic foot of topsoil. After approximately four weeks, transition to Tricker’s TRICO fertilizer pellets for continued nourishment.
  • AMT (Aquatic Mineral Transport).  If your aquatic plant soil is lacking clay, Tricker’s AMT is the solution. It contains a natural mineral that has similar properties to clay to hold and slowly transport important fertilizer nutrients to the plant’s roots. These include nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and trace elements. This is also effective in preventing fertilizer from leaching into the pond away from the plant roots. This selected by the space shuttle for use in space lab plant growing applications.
  • TRICO Aquatic Fertilizer. Experience the incredible growth and blooming of your water garden pool with Trico tablets. These specially formulated pellets are designed to stimulate flowers and promote the continuous growth of water lilies, lotus, and other aquatics. By fertilizing your lilies and aquatics monthly with Trico, you’ll witness a stunning display of vibrant colors and flourishing plants.

Get ready to experience the same growth and blooming that Tricker customers have enjoyed for years by preparing your aquatic soil!

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Trico Contains:
  • 15-30-15 NPK
  • 15% Total Nitrogen (N) (0% Nitrate)
  • 11% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  • 4% Nitrogen from Urea
  • 30% Total Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)
  • 15% Total Soluble Potash (K2O)
  • Potential Acidity equal to 1128 lbs CaCO3/ton
  • Includes trace copper sulfate that us used as a fungicide and algaecide. It is also used as an antimicrobial and molluscicide.


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