UltraClear® Sludge Digester – Biological

Finally! This is for that sludge that is on the bottom of your water garden pool. 100% biological, professional strength formula and works to keep your pond healthy and “Ultra-Clear”. A blend of natural “good” bacteria that is made for the sludge in your water garden pool.

“Sludge Digester” is an excellent remedy for use in all seasons! It reduces the build up of fish wastes, plants wastes, etc.

In the Spring the use of Sludge Digester will begin to prepare your pond for Summer’s activity.

In summer, the routine use will keep the pond clear.
And finally, in the Fall, especially at the end of the season when temperatures drop, sunlight is reduced, aquatic vegetation begins to decay, and fish waste accumulate, the product will prepare your pond for winter by cleaning up any final debris. Use Sludge Digester to help reduce “fish kills” during the winter months.

Keep your pond UltraClear all season and especially in the Fall to be ready for the winter months and return of Spring.

Sludge Digester is compatible with and can be used with the other UltraClear® products offered by Tricker’s in keeping your garden pool clear!

Start with 2 ounces for every 1000 gallons, then 1 ounce each week for maintenance.

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