UltraClear® Autumn Prep Water Quality

UltraClear® Autumn Prep is a blend of pelleted probiotics (good bacteria) for the treatment of ponds to maintain a clean, healthy, balanced water and fish health during the coming colder months beginning in Autumn. These pellets provide the continued activity to breakdown organic muck from decayed aquatic vegetation, autumn leaves, grass clippings, excess food and fish wastes that have accumulated in the pond. These pellet will reduce spring cleanup. 100% fish safe, for all aquatic life, wildlife and pets. They are 100% biological and are NOT toxic chemicals.

DOSAGE: Begin when water temperatures fall below 55 degrees. Use 3 pellets per 100 gallons or 30 pellets per 1000 gallons. Treat weekly until pond freezes. For lakes and large ponds use 3 cups per quarter acre. 0.75 lbs about 700 pellets. 5 lbs approx 12 cups of pellets.

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