Making A Water Garden 1913 Book by William Tricker. Free Digital Download

Mr. William Tricker, the founder of William Tricker, Inc, wrote the book Making A Water Garden in 1913. Even after a century, the concepts of water gardening remain unchanged and have not seen any significant improvements since the book’s publication.

  • Species and Varieties of Water Lilies
  • Conditions for Growing Water Lilies
  • Hardy Plants for the Water Garden
  • The Selection of a Site
  • Planting and Care
  • Wintering

The book includes photos from the 1910’s.

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Free digital download the 1913 book, Making A Water Garden, written by William Tricker. Information therein is useful today. Find many useful information for managing your water garden today.

Jan 1913 New York
McBride, Nast & Company


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