Tricker’s Honey

Did You Know that honey bee venom can destroy a range of cancer cells including some types of breast cancer? Research is ongoing to understand this and come up with another way to kill cancer cells. “The pharmaceutical use of honeybee products, known as apitherapy, dates back at least 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, China and Greece. Medical practitioners of the time used honeybee venom to treat joint inflammation and pain, and the antibacterial properties of honey were harnessed in approaches as various as treating wounds, easing indigestion and embalming the dead. In modern medicine, bee venom has become a subject of interest in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.” (Bee venom shows promise, but needs more study.)

Tricker’s Honey is collected at Tricker’s hives located at and near our Historic Water Gardens. Honey bees have been pollinating our aquatic plants for decades and you can share in the rewards of their hard work with a jar of Tricker’s Honey. Tricker’s “raw” honey is harvested from our bee hives and contains the qualities of the nectar and pollen that make this honey so special.

Raw honey is not pasteurized and retains the natural elements provided by the honey bees that are so special and nutritious. The taste is beyond compare — try some today or better yet, give this special Tricker honey as a gift to a honey lover. They will definitely know the difference! Or, just put some in your tea and sit by your water garden pool as you admire nature at its finest.

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