The Water Garden 1897 Book by William Tricker. Free Digital Download

This 1897 book, The Water Garden, is written by the founder of William Tricker, Inc, Mr. William Tricker himself. Water gardening concepts have not changed and improved over the century since this book was published.

It gives insight into …

  • Construction of ponds
  • Adapting natural streams
  • Planting, hybridizing, seed saving and propagation
  • Building and aquatic house
  • Wintering
  • Correct designing and planting of banks and margins
  • Cultural directions for all ornamental aquatics

It includes illustrations and some photos from the late 1800’s.

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Download for free the 1897 book, The Water Garden, written by William Tricker. Information therein is useful today. Find many of his hybrid aquatic plants still sold at Tricker’s today.

1897 by A. T. De La Mare Ptg and Pjb. Co., Ltd.
122 pages. 12.2 Mb PDF,


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