• Pondmaster Fountain Kits with Filtration

    All Pondmaster Filtration and Fountain Kits are designed for small to large ponds of 200 gallons and more. Do not place right next to water lilies as they do not like moving water. They can be placed a few feet away.


    • Kit 190 for up to 200 gallon pond.
      Kit 1250 for up to 600 gallon pond.
      Kit 1350 for up to 800 gallon pond.
      Kit 1500 for up to 1000 gallon pond.
      Kit 1700 for up to 1250+ gallon pond.
  • Pump sock defender

    Pump Defender Prefilter

    Pump Defender Prefilter helps to extend the lifetime on your submersible pump by filtering debris that may enter your pump and putting strain on it. Just put your pump inside this, tighten the opening and place in the water. It’s okay if it protrudes a bit. Ensure to have the pump inlet inside the filter.

    The pump sits inside a thick meshwork and then wrapped in a nylon bag with drawstring. Heavy debris is filtered out before it reaches the intake of the pump, thereby reducing maintenance and extending the life of the pump.

  • Pondmaster Filtration System 500

    This Filtration System 500 is a favorite filter system that is easy to make for pools up to 500 gallons. The filter material is easily rinsed or changed, less time consuming that many other filters.

    This contains two filter pads: coarse polyester pad and carbon coated filter.
    The Replacement Carbon/Coated Media contains both coarse polyester media pad and carbon coated filter pad.

    Chemical and biological filtration.
    Use with pumps up to 500 gph.
    Low Profile, it sits on bottom of your pond.
    9″w x 9″w x 4″h filter box with filter.
    Connects to 3/4″ tubing.

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    Pondmaster Filtration System 1000

    For pools up to 1000 gallons.
    12″L x12″Wx3″H box filter.
    Carbon and polyester media for mechanical/biological/chemical filtration.
    3/4″ tubing and fittings.
    Recommended pump up to 700 gallons.
    You can connect more than one to a pump in more demand.

  • Pondmaster Filtration System 2000

    For pools up to 2000 gallons.
    If more filtration is needed, then more units can be attached.
    12″W x 24″Lx4″H filter box with carrying handle.
    Carbon and Polyester media for mechanical/biological/chemical filtering.
    Accepts 1″ tubing.
    Recommended pump up to 1800 gallons.

  • Submersible Filter Kit

    The PondMAX Ultra-Series All-in-One Filter is a submersible unit which enhances, cleans, and maintains a healthy water feature, fish pond, water garden, or fountain.

  • Laguna ClearFlo Filter Kits

    Laguna ClearFlo Filter Kits take the worry out of cleaning your pond. The included pump has a strainer cage that can filter solid particles up to 1/4″ in size. The filter has a unique 2 level suction for maximum water flow. Simple to operate.

    The 1000 model filters ponds up to 1000 gallons.

  • Proline Water Pressure Filter

    Proline Water Pressure Water Filter

    Proline Pressurized Filter Systems feature a unique, manually operated agitator that quickly and cleanly dislodges wastes from filter chamber with a minimum of water. This feature allows backwash and rinsing the filter in seconds, without getting wet or coming in contact with residue. Best of all, these filters never need to be opened.

    The include a UV filter light to control green algae!

    The Proline Pressurized System is used with pumps of 900-2000 gph with a 20′ height sold separately.


    • Agitator Quickly Unlocks wastes, conserving water during backwash and rinse cycles
    • Unique, patent pending 3-way master valve with “Filter”, “Rinse”, and “Backwash” Settings
    • Clear-View inspection port to monitor water clarity during backwash/rinse operations
    • Positive pressure stainless steel clamp to ensure a tight water seal
    • Heavy duty poly canister can be buried for hidden installation
    • Integrated waterproof UV transformer with UV light
    • 1-1/2″ swivel fittings with ball valve
  • ProLine PRO5000 Filter and Falls

    ProLine PRO5000 Filter and Falls feature an extra wide spillway for greater water aeration and can be used side by side to create a larger Waterfall. Available with or without a coarse debris pad, which removes even the finest suspended debris from pond water, the PRO5000 Filter and Falls can be buried in the ground to hide helping to create a beautiful water feature.

    Extra long weir for stacking stones in front of the Waterfall!

    Product Features

    • Extra Wide Spillway for Greater Water Aeration

    • Can be used Side by Side to Create a Larger Waterfall

    • Open Swirl Chamber for Even and Efficient Water Flow through The Filter Media

    • 3 Separate Filtering Actions for Super Clean Water

    • Easily Buried In Ground To Hide Canister from Sight

    • XL Capacity Designed To Increase Biological Filtration

    • Upflow Grate Contains Media and Assures Uniform Filtering

    • Available with Coarse Debris Pad which Removes Even the Finest Suspended Debris From Pond Water

    • Extra Long Weir Lip For Stacking Stones In Front of the Waterfall

    • Recommended to Clean Once a Year


    Unit Dimensions 18″ L x 25″ W x 17″ H

    Waterfall Width 18″ Opening

    Media Surface Area 75 Sq. Ft.

    Maximum Pump Flow 5000 GPH

    Weight 10 lbs.

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    Proline 5000 Pond Skimmer

    Proline 5000 Pond Skimmer quickly removes fine particles, such as floating dust and pollen. It provides ideal medium for biological filtration. Best of all it’s easily cleaned!

    Size 24″ L x 26″ W x 23″ H.
    Weir Opening 11″ W x 7″ H.
    Accommodates pumps up to 8000 gph.

    Includes the all important Debris Basket.
    Barbed fitting accepts 1-1/2″ and 2″ tubing.
    Includes a Debris Basket inside of skimmer.

    *Strong Ribbed Cylindrical Housing that eliminates cave-ins
    *Made of Heavy-Duty High-Density Polyethylene
    *Operation covers approx 500 sq feet of water surface.
    *Tall wide door for efficient skimming
    *You can install 2 pumps for massive flows
    *Large Capacity Leaf Basket/Debris Filter that keeps debris out of pump

  • Sure Start/Filter Start – For Pond Filters

    Sure Start/Filter Start is used for new and old filters to get the natural bacterial base started. Use with a new filter, at the start of the growing season, or when changes occur to your filter during the year.

    Only 2 oz for each 3 gallons per minute biofilter is recommended.
    UltraClear Filter Start is a super-concentrated mixture of natural garden bacteria that work together to consume all typical pond wastes. The main bacteria groups contained in this product and their functions are as follows:

    • Nitrifying bacteria oxidize toxic ammonia and nitrite to relatively non-toxic nitrate.
    • Denitrifying bacteria convert nitrate to completely harmless nitrogen gas.
    • Sludge digesting bacteria consume fecal matter, dead algae, leaves, clippings and other solids which otherwise tend to build up in your pond.

    Once the product is dosed, it becomes part of the biofilter. The bacteria grow in the biofilter, and consume waste as pond water passes through. The best feature of this product is that the biofilter begins to work at peak efficiency within just a few days of product application, rather than the weeks it often takes without product use.