Pump Defender Prefilter

Pump Defender Prefilter helps to extend the lifetime on your submersible pump by filtering debris that may enter your pump and putting strain on it. Just put your pump inside this, tighten the opening and place in the water. It’s okay if it protrudes a bit. Ensure to have the pump inlet inside the filter.

The pump sits inside a thick meshwork and then wrapped in a nylon bag with drawstring. Heavy debris is filtered out before it reaches the intake of the pump, thereby reducing maintenance and extending the life of the pump.

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Pump sock defender
Small Pump Defender Filter. 6" Dia x 7.9" H ID
SKU: 18-7090
Pump sock defender
Large Pump Defender Filter. 9" Dia x 7.9" H ID
SKU: 18-7092
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