• API Test Kits for Water pH & Ammonia

    The pH measures how acidic or basic the water is. Both fish and plants need a neutral pH. Infections can happen because the microorganisms are not affected by pH or ammonia content. Extreme pH changes will irritate the skin and gills of the fish and negatively affect the biochemistry of plants.

    High ammonia levels are one of the biggest and most common killers of fish. Ammonia causes the blood to lose its ability to carry oxygen to vital organs.

  • Tricker’s® Aquatic Mineral Transport (AMT)

    Aquatic Mineral Transport (AMT) is an essential component that should be added to the aquatic topsoil before planting if the soil lacks clay. While clay-enriched soil is commonly recommended for aquatic plants, it is often overlooked. However, Tricker’s AMT contains a specific US natural mineral that closely resembles clay. This granular mineral possesses remarkable properties as it effectively retains and gradually transports vital fertilizer nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and trace elements, to the roots of aquatic plants. AMT’s mineral plays a crucial role in preventing fertilizer leaching into the pond. In fact, this mineral was chosen by the space shuttle for use in plant growth applications in the space lab.

    Use 2 cups for 1/2 cubic foot of soil.

  • UltraClear® Oxy Hardgoods Cleaner

    Clear Pond Collections 4-7: UltraClear® and UltraClear® Oxy Collections

    These collections include the important biological remedies UltraClear® products and UltraClear® Oxy for clear water and algae removal. These will maintain your water garden pool clean and healthy all year round.

    Fast acting control of for clear water and algae problems is UltraClear Oxy and the biological UltraClear Clarifier and UltraClear Sludge Digester for the continued biological maintenance of healthy and clean water all year long! UltraClear is important to maintain the biological balance in your pond after algae is removed!

    We offer basic components in both the Collection 4 and 5 and the COMPLETE solution in Collections 6 and 7. See below add to cart for details.

    All products are compatible in the same pond.

  • Ultraclear Pond Water Clarifier

    UltraClear Clear Pond Collection 1

    All three will help your water garden pond stay clean and healthy. They are compatible when used together.

    1. 32 ounce UltraClear® will keep your pond biologically clear and healthy throughout the year.
    2. 12 ounces UltraClear® SST is the super strength biological concentrated blended agent.
    3. 32 ounce Sludge Digester works to help keep sludge in control.
  • Laguna Pond Skimmer Nets

    Laguna Pond Skimmer Nets

    This skimmer Net will help you to keep the surface of the pond clean from debris. Has a fine triangular net. A must-have for every pond.

  • Pondmaster UV Clarifiers and Parts

    Pondmaster® UV Light Clarifiers Can be used submersed or on the shore of your water garden pool. The blue Glowing Monitor Halo Ring® lets you know that the unit is on.

  • UltraClear® Flocculent Water Treatment

    Experience the power of UltraClear® Flocculent, a potent and concentrated liquid solution that swiftly transforms your water into a mesmerizing crystal clear oasis. Within just 12 to 24 hours, witness the remarkable results as it effortlessly eliminates silt, algae, and other impurities by causing them to clump together.

    This innovative formula is not only safe for your beloved fish and plants, but it also complements our Ultraclear biological products perfectly. Whether you choose to filter or settle the impurities to the bottom of your pool, rest assured that UltraClear® Flocculent will deliver exceptional clarity.

    For optimal results, simply add 2 ounces for every 1000 gallons of pond water or, for smaller ponds, use 1 teaspoon for every 100 gallons of water.

  • UltraClear® Oxy Hardgoods Cleaner

    UltraClear® Oxy Hardgoods Cleaner

    UltraClear-Oxy. An effective oxygen based powder for cleaning rocks, waterfalls, fountains, statues, plant pots, and ponds in general. It reduces the need to drain the pond and is effective in reducing odor from decaying material. Safe for plants, fish and wildlife. After use, it is highly recommended to use UltraClear products to biologically control the debris that results.

    For light debris, apply 1 oz per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly or as needed. For heavy debris, apply 3 oz per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly or as needed.

  • Complete Water Test Kit by API Pond Master

    This Complete Pond Master Test Kit includes four (4) important water quality parameters, pH (acidity), ammonia, nitrate, and phosphate.

  • Algae Removal Kit

    Sold Out

    This Algae Removal Kit has it all and uses no chemicals, requires no maintenance, etc. Stand on the edge of your pool and extend this device to remove the algae. It’s easy to use.

    A telescopic handle (32″-52″) that attaches to 3 algae removal accessories:

    1. Metal “twister” to twist algae clumps out of your pond.
    2. A durable brush to clean algae off rocks, waterfalls, etc.
    3. A net to collect floating algae.
  • Oase PondoVac Classic Vacuum

    This leading pond vacuum uses a single-chamber suction system — the vacuum fills with material removed from the pond and then automatically shuts off via an internal float and drains via gravity.

    The vacuum will typically fill in 20-40 seconds and then discharge in 20-30 seconds. This vacuum is suitable for only small applications and requires some patience due to the on/off cycle.

    The debris collection bag also attaches to the discharge hose of the vacuum so you can recycle the vacuumed water and capture the debris which can then be used as a natural fertilizer.

    It has a compact design and a built-in handle for easy movement and transportation.

    Maximum suction depth of 6 ft.
    13 foot power cord.
    2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Water Weeds and Algae Book

    This book has an in-depth review of water weeds such as floating, submerged, emergent weeds, and more. It shows how to identify algae and discusses treatments. You’ll fond it an invaluable guide for control of weeds and algae in lakes and ponds. There are tips and information on water maintenance for ponds and lakes. All natural or earth bottom pond owners should have this book for an easy to understand reference and methods to control unwanted weeds and algae.

    72 pages.

  • Chlorine Filter Hose Attachment

    Chlorine Filter – Hose Attachment. Chlorine is very toxic to fish and wildlife in your pond. This easy to use filter attaches to your water supply line and comes complete with brass garden hose fittings. The filter has granular activated carbon and multistage filtration that reduces the chlorine as you top off water from evaporation. In addition to reducing the chlorine this device will also remove other suspended particles in the supply water. Size: 12″ x 2.5″ with brass garden hose fittings.

  • 9 Watt Little Giant UV Light Clarifier for Ponds up to 1200 Gal

    Little Giant 9 Watt Clarifier if for ponds up to 1,200 gallons. This excellent UV sterilizer is recommended for a pumps that produce around 350 gallons per hour.

    The unit accepts 3/4″ or 1″ ID tubing.