Pond Heater and Winter Blend Good Bacteria

Don’t let the cold winter months harm your water garden pool! With our Winter Blend and pond heater combo, you can ensure the ecological water quality stays optimal even in freezing temperatures.

Keep your water garden pool thriving throughout winter with our Winter Blend and pond heater package! Our Winter Blend, packed with beneficial bacteria, will safeguard your fish from any water quality issues caused by the cold weather.

Size of Pond Heater & Winter Blend

Winter can be harsh on your pond and the use of a pond heater with a biological addition of Winter Blend will be the best for your water garden pool. Recommended 315 Watt heater or higher in latitudes of Chicago, Cleveland, and New York.

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Before or during winter this good bacteria is added when the temperatures are below 55 degrees and works in temperatures below the ice and snow levels. The biggest cause of fish death is ammonia. During the winter the Winter Blend will remove your ionized and toxic ammonia and reduces sludge buildup during this time. These bacteria are not the”nitrifying bacteria” found in the Spring and Summer UltraClear? formulations.

The cold water bacteria in Winter Blend absorb ammonia from the water during the entire winter months. When Spring comes, then the use of the UltraClear? line should be routinely used.

Get your pond ready for Spring!

Dosage: Use 1 oz per 1000 gallons weekly when temperatures drop below 55 degrees. Double the dosage if your pond has a lot of debris.

Pond Deicers or Pool Heaters.

In areas where the threat of ice in winter is obvious, the necessity of a pool heater or deicer is recommended. The aquatic life in your pond, especially the fish, cannot survive heavy ice buildup and noxious gases may be trapped.

The pond heater will use the thermostat to turn on when in need at lower temperatures, keep a hole in the ice to allow the noxious gases to escape.

It is recommended to use at least a 315 Watt or above pool heater in latitudes of Chicago, Cleveland and New York.

This combination of BOTH Winter Blend and a Pool Heater will be the best solution and peace of mind during the winter months when your pool still needs care.


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