• Tricker’s All-Natural Vitaline Plus Fish Food

    Discover the incredible benefits of All-Natural Vitaline Plus, proudly crafted at Tricker’s. This exceptional supplement offers a finely granulated fish food that is second to none. Not only does it contain a perfectly balanced nutritional formula found in Vitaline, but it also includes the renowned krill, a classic crustacean fish food. Elevate your fish’s diet with the superior quality of Vitaline-Plus.

  • Tricker’s Vitaline All Natural Fish Food

    Vitaline, developed by Tricker’s over 70 years ago, has become a household name for fish food used in outdoor ponds and aquariums. This non-GMO supplement should be used with Innurco to bring out fish color and promote healthy bodies. The finely granular Vitaline is also excellent for feeding small fish fry. Even without fish, Vitaline makes a great supplement for pond scavengers like clams and snails.

  • Tricker’s All-Natural Floating Fish Food Pellets, nonGMO

    Discover the wonders of Tricker’s All-Natural Floating Fish Food, a meticulously crafted blend of ingredients designed to provide your fish with optimal nutrition.

    This scientifically formulated fish food not only floats effortlessly on the water’s surface, but also serves as a fantastic tool for training your fish to come to the surface during feeding.

    It’s suitable for a variety of fish species including koi, goldfish, and other cold water fishes, this exceptional formulation contains all the essential nutrients your aquatic companions need to thrive.

  • Tricker’s® Flake Fish Food, All Natural, nonGMO

    Dive into the world of Tricker’s All-Natural Flake Fish Food, where quality ingredients meet scientific precision to create a nutritionally complete meal for your fish. This exceptional food floats gracefully on the water, beckoning goldfish, koi, and other cold water fish to indulge in its delicious flakes.

    As the flakes dance on the surface, they entice fish to come up for a bite, ensuring that even the tiniest fish can savor the feast.

  • Tricker's Floating Fish Food

    Tricker’s Floating Fish Food Pellets, All Natural & nonGMO

    Tricker’s Floating Fish Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for all types of fish. Made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, the pellets float on the water’s surface rather than dispersing like flakes. This allows you to enjoy watching your fish feed and train them to come when they sense your presence. The scientifically formulated pellets contain the necessary ingredients to meet fish nutritional needs.

  • Blue Ridge Fish Pellets, small, larger and mixed for koi and goldfish.Blue Ridge Koi and Fish Food, Mixed Sizes

    Blue Ridge Fish Food

    Say goodbye to messy feeding routines! These floating pellets are designed to make mealtime a breeze. They effortlessly bring your fish to the surface, allowing for easy and convenient feeding. Moreover, our fish food is available in various sizes of resealable containers, ensuring that it stays fresh for up to a year. You can trust us to provide your fish with the highest quality nutrition they deserve.

    Choose from Three Varieties:

    1. Blue Ridge Growth Mini Pellet.

      Achieve exceptional growth in smaller fish with our Blue Ridge Growth Mini Pellet. This carefully crafted diet provides comprehensive nutrition for your aquatic companions, promoting overall health and vitality. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, this unique blend enhances immunity and reduces stress. The smaller pellet size is perfect for fish under five inches, and its floating nature allows for mesmerizing feeding. Trust the formula relied upon by America’s oldest water garden store and give your underwater friends the care they deserve!

    2. Blue Ridge Mixed Blend Pellet. Blue Ridge Mixed Blend Pellet formula is expertly designed to meet the dietary needs of fish of all sizes. With a perfect mix of large (3/16”) and small (1/8”) pellets, every fish can enjoy the right amount of nutrition for optimal growth. Whether you have koi or goldfish, this formula offers a complete and balanced diet that supports healthy development.
    3. Blue Ridge Color Rich. Transform the appearance of your underwater companions by nourishing them with Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Color Rich Formula Koi & Goldfish Food. This exceptional formula incorporates three exclusive color enhancers, such as marigold extract, spirulina, and canthaxanthin, to magnify and enrich the stunning shades of your aquatic pets. Within a mere thirty days, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in the visual allure of your beloved fish.

    See below add to cart for more information.

  • Standing Order for Live Daphnia &/or Duckweed Fish Food

    Standing Order for Live Daphnia &/or Duckweed Fish Food

    Did you know that Duckweed and Azolla can help to control climate change?

    How? See below for details.

    Scientists are optimistic because duckweed would absorb about the same amount of carbon as they emit when burned lending to a possible fuel source.

    “If we could harvest vast quantities of fast-growing duckweed and dispose of them Azolla-style, we could take their carbon out of the environment entirely”, said Dr. Martienssen, one of the scientists studying this. “Enhanced duckweed could offer an even more effective, longer-lasting way to sequester carbon.”

    Do your part.

    Duckweed is a small perennial plant with simple bodies. Among the floating plants, duckweed is one of the better live plants for your goldfish or koi. It acts as a tonic for the fish and a cover for aquatic animal life.

    Price is per portion. A portion is about 3/4 cup plant including water.

    Save on a standing order for daphnia, duckweed, or both. These include live fish food delivered weekly or every other week (bi-weekly). Your credit card will be charged only when the order is shipped.

    The minimum order is at least 3 shipments to be considered a standing order. The first shipment starts when you place your order and continues until October, or for the number of weeks that you enter, or we run out of supply (you will be notified). The price is how much you’ll be charged per shipment. Shipping and handling will be added for each shipment. You can cancel at any time after the first 3 shipments.

  • Live Daphnia Fish Food

    Live fish foods, such as Daphnia and other infusoria, are highly regarded as valuable sources of nutrition for fish. For years, fish enthusiasts have recognized the benefits of feeding their fish these small crustaceans, which naturally inhabit ponds and consume algae, thereby reducing its presence in water gardens. The jerking motion of Daphnia is particularly enticing to fish, leading them to consume these organisms eagerly. Aquarium keepers often witness this interaction through the glass, as fish devour the Daphnia. When you introduce Daphnia and other live infusoria into your water garden or aquarium, your fish will delight in this special treat. Even if you have never fed Daphnia to your fish before, you will undoubtedly be captivated by their reaction. Not only are Daphnia a favorite in our fish hatchery, but they are also widely used in biology laboratories for experiments and observations in universities and schools.

  • Tricker’s® All-Natural Dried Shrimp Meal for Aquariums

    Tricker’s All-Natural Dried Shrimp Meal is a highly regarded concentrated fish food adored by various fish species, containing the essence of sea shrimp.

    Shrimp possesses essential nutrients crucial for the well-being of fish. It is particularly beneficial for young fry and juvenile fish due to its finely granulated texture, facilitating optimal digestion.

    Moreover, even tadpoles can relish this delightful treat. Enhance the protein content of your fish diet by incorporating this premium shrimp meal alongside your existing fish food.

    This offers a generous 50% protein content.

  • Tricker’s Innurco© All Natural Sinking Fish Food, nonGMO

    Innurco©, a special non-GMO sinking fish food developed a century ago by Tricker’s company, feeds fish in outdoor ponds and aquariums. The formulation was created by Tricker’s biochemist to breed and raise healthy fish. Made with wholesome fresh ingredients and spring water with no preservatives, Innurco provides tropical and cold water fish like koi and goldfish with a balanced diet. It also supports freshwater Daphnia.

  • Aquarium Vitaline Plus

    Aquarium Vitaline-Plus All-Natural Fish Food

    Tricker’s™ Vitaline-Plus All-Natural Fish Food is an excellent supplement of a finely granulated fish food. In addition to a balanced nutritional formula found in Vitaline, in Vitaline-Plus we have added Krill, a well known classic fish food crustacean. All types of fish love Krill.

    Vitaline-Plus is excellent for small fry or feeding small fish.

    contains 0.5 Pint.

  • Aquarium Vitaline

    Vitaline All-Natural Fish Food

    VitalineTM fish food has been a trusted household name for over 80 years since its development at Tricker’s. Made with all-natural ingredients in Ohio, this supplement promotes vibrant coloration and healthy bodies in fish when used alongside their main diet.

    The finely granular formula also makes Vitaline an excellent choice for feeding small fry and scavengers like clams and snails in outdoor ponds and aquariums. Its well-rounded nutritional profile enhances overall fish health.

  • Blue Ridge Cold Water Wheat Fish Food

    Cool Water Wheat Diet provides improved digestibility at low temperatures, when koi and goldfish metabolisms are slowed. This feed should be used when water temperatures are below 60 degrees F.

    Available in standard pellet only, 3/16″ in diameter.

  • Tricker’s Total Fish Food Diet Collection, non-GMO & All Natural

    This collection of all-natural, non-GMO fish food provides a variety of nutrients and food for your fish. This popular Tricker’s Fish Food Collection is cost-effective and offer a healthy assortment of discounted fish foods.

    The collection includes both natural sinking and floating fish foods.

  • Duck eating duckweedLive Duckweed

    Live Duckweed

    Hey! Did you know that Duckweed and Azolla can help to control climate change?

    See below add-to-cart to find out how and do your part to help save the planet.

    Duckweed is a small perennial plant known ad the smallest flowering plant. Among the floating plants, duckweed is one of the better live plants for your goldfish or koi. It acts as a fish tonic and helps to keep the harmful sun’s UV light out of the waters protecting your aquatic lifeforms.

  • Dried Duckweed

    Dried Duckweed, All-Natural

    Dried duckweed is a nutritious, all-natural treat for all fish. You can store it long-term and can be added to supplement with other fish foods. The protein content is greater in dried duckweed than in soybeans.

    How to Feed Fish. Just sprinkle on the surface of the water and watch your fish appear. To enhance the vegetable portion, include other fish foods.

    Dried duckweed can be refrigerated up to 2 years.

  • Fish Feeding Ring

    This Fish Feeding Ring will float on the surface of the water and will keep the floating fish food in one place. It will prevent food from floating away while keeping other floating aquatic plants from mixing with the food. Watch your fish as they learn to come to this ring to feed.

  • Fish Feeding Pond Thermometer

    Measure the temperature of the water for fish feeding. It is recommended to stop feeding your fish at water temperatures go below 50° F unless special prepared foods are used. As the temperature rises in your pool the ammonia becomes toxic.

    This thermometer will record temperatures 30° to 120° F.

  • UltraClear(r) Earthworm Flake Fish Food

    Earthworm Flake Fish Food is a special blend that floats on the surface of the water. Contains fresh earthworms, fish meal, soy flour, wheat, oat and gluten flour, frozen and dried brine-shrimp, dried spirulina, lecithin, fish oil, vitamin B1, A and C.

    This is a superb fish food that your fish will not only find nutritious but will love! Watch closely as your fish will consume this special treat!

    12 ounces.

  • UltraClear(r) Spring & Fall Fish Food

    UltraClear® Spring & Fall Fish Food is for spring and fall water temperatures about 50° F. The fish food pellets are a natural plant based for koi and goldfish pond fish. It is easily digested.

    Feeding Ultra-Clear Spring and Fall season fish food helps your fish to digest food and keep them in optimum health in the beginning and end of the season when the water temperatures are coldest.

    Contains wheat-germ as a major ingredient. 32% protein.

    2 Liters.

  • UltraClear(r) Premium Koi and Goldfish Food

    UltraClear Premium Koi and Goldfish Food is formulated to produce a bright color in your fish. It contains nutrients of special value that should be used routinely with your fish.

    Contains 2 Liters.

  • UltraClear Koi & Goldfish Clay

    UltraClear® Koi Clay can be used with Koi and Goldfish and provides the essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, and other trace elements for improved bone and scale growth, blood clotting, and reduced loss of sodium and potassium from fish blood. It contains essential silica for removing harmful toxins and heavy metals. UltraClear® Koi Clay helps create an ideal habitat on the pond bottom. It also has been reported to make the water clear. Contains 100% Bentonite Clay. Add two tablespoons per 1000 gallons to pond each week. Method on container explains a technique to add to fish food. 4 Pounds.