• Koi Kastles Fish Protectors

    Outdoor fish will love you for this protection from predators and intense sun rays. They will also feel more secure as they swim inside.

  • Soil and Plant Protector

    Protect your aquatic plants and soil from foraging fish. Some fish love to eat your plants and root up the soil. This net protector simply fastens with a drawstring around your planting crate and gently floats on the surface of the water netting your aquatic plants safe from fish disturbances. Dark mesh net minimizes visibility. Select from two sizes based upon the depth of the water and the size of spread on the surface.

    Our Soil and Plant Protectors are designed with a convenient drawstring bottom, allowing them to be easily used with planting containers of any size.

  • Kill Mosquitoes with Mosquito Dunks® or Bits®

    These are a biological safe method that kills mosquito larvae in your water garden pool, rain barrels, bird baths, or anywhere water collects for a period of time.  They are safe to use if you have Daphnia .

    For longer residual control use Mosquito Dunks®.

    Where should Mosquito Dunks® be used? Just float a biodegradable Mosquito Dunk® in water troughs, koi ponds, birdbaths, rain barrels or any place where water collectsand remains for periods of time. When female mosquitoes laytheir eggs in standing water treated with a Mosquito Dunk®, thelarvae will hatch and begin to eat the B.t.i. The B.t.i. will kill themosquito larvae before they can grow up to become biting anddisease-spreading adults.

    This is approved for Organic Production and Gardening.

  • Floating Island Fish Barriers

    We know that some fish and koi can be destructive to floating plants. These wonderful floating nets will not only confine your floating plants, but act as a natural filter and provides a protective barrier from fish or koi. Whether you are using these floating devices to confine your aquatics or prevent fish from destroying them, you will be very pleased. They are made of durable black poly netting and are two feet wide.

    1. KEEPS PLANTS SAFE FROM FISH: This Fish Barrier / Floating Flora Island Plant Protector safeguards all parts of your pond plants. Its mesh net prevents the plants’ submerged stems and roots from becoming food for koi and other fish. Because its top ring floats, the protector also prevents the plants’ emergent leaves from being nibbled by fish at the water surface. Slip the netting over a pond planter for full protection of tender emergent stalks and roots.
    2. IDEAL SIZE AND COLOR: Measuring 24 inches in diameter at its top, this round, floating protector has room for one or more plants. It can protect water hyacinth, water lilies, lotus and other plant varieties. The plant protector’s black color reduces its visibility on water. It allows the focus to remain on your beautiful plants.
    3. CAN CONFINE PLANTS TO A CERTAIN AREA: In addition to holding aquatic plants, this protector can be used to keep the plants in a specific part of the pond. Simply anchor or tie the protector to the pond bottom or bank. (Anchor and tie are not provided.)
    4. REDUCES POND CLEAN-UP: Because its net basket holds an entire plant, this fish barrier / plant protector keeps the plant’s old, lost leaves from floating throughout the water garden. That feature reduces algae in the water and makes collecting the spent leaves simpler and quicker.
    5. MADE IN THE USA: This product is manufactured in the United States of America by Nycon Products. It is Nycon’s model RFI-2.


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    Floating Duck

    Floating Ducks are fun to have. They are life-like and gently floats on the surface amongst your water lilies and bog plants.

  • Floating Alligator Head – Open Mouth, resin

    Enhance the appearance of your water garden pool with the captivating Floating Alligator Head – Open Mouth. This meticulously hand-painted, life-like alligator head not only adds a touch of wonder but also serves as a natural deterrent for unwanted pests in your water garden pool. Designed to float effortlessly in both ponds and pools, this remarkable piece measures 18 inches in length.

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    Scarecrow Solar Action Owl

    Safeguard your fish from predators with a lifelike, hand-painted owl that deters pesky birds and varmints, enhancing the charm of your water garden pool. This owl features realistic head movements powered by solar energy or wind, eliminating the need for batteries. Just position it near your water garden pool for a safe and humane solution.

    18″ H

  • Spray Away Varmits

    Spray Away is used by your water garden pool to protect against varmints up to 1,900 square feet. Simply attach your garden hose and set in place.

    Spray Away is an infra red motion sensor that detects the varmints around your water garden pool. When it senses motion, a sudden burst of water is sent out for a few seocnds. It’s battery powered so you can set it anywhere.

    This is the environmentally friendly way to prevent unwanted animals around and in your water garden pond.

    NOTE: This does not ship to CO, IN, OK.

  • Floating Alligator Head – Closed Mouth, resin

    Enhance the beauty of your water garden pool with the mesmerizing Floating Alligator Head – Closed Mouth. This exquisitely hand-painted, lifelike alligator head not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a natural deterrent for unwanted pests in your water garden pool. Designed to float effortlessly in ponds and pools, this remarkable piece measures 13.5 inches in length, creating a captivating focal point for your aquatic oasis.