Aquarium Gang Valve 3-Way Air Control Valve

Item # 60-3102


Did you know that most aquarium air pumps only come with one or two nozzles? This can be a problem if you want to run multiple airstones or equipment from the same pump.
Luckily, there is a solution – the Ista Gang Valve. This valve is made using a copper electroplating process, making it rust-resistant and durable.
The gang valve can be conveniently hung on the side of your fish tank, providing multiple flow outputs from a single input.
What’s great is that each output can be adjusted according to your needs.
And if you have a strong enough flow input, you can even connect the Metal Air Valve with more outputs.
So, if you’re looking to set up multiple tanks or run multiple airstones, the Ista Gang Valve is the perfect solution for you.

This Aquarium Gang Valve is a three way control valve. It’s a non-corrosive aquarium gang valve with an automatic anti-siphon. Will split one tube into 3 ways. This is good for fresh or saltwater.

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