UltraClear pH Buffer Block (Lg)

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The pH of the water determines the acidic or alkaline (basic) properties of your pond. Fish do best in neutral water that is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Excessively high or low pH may be directly responsible for death from secondary causes (i.e. parasitic infections). Extreme pH changes will irritate the skin and gills of the fish.

UltraClear Buffer Block will stabilize the pH and increase water hardness and alkalinity in your pond. Low or no buffering capacity (low alkalinity & calcium carbonates) causes the pH of the pond to become unstable resulting in wide swings of the pH.

UltraClear Buffer Block adds essential calcium needed for healthy fish bone growth. It also enhances the growth and survival of beneficial bacteria for a healthy, beautiful pond. Great for snails!

INSTRUCTIONS: Large Buffer Block treats ponds up to 2000 gallons. Place the Buffer Block in the main water flow of the skimmer, filter or waterfall. The large container lasts up to 3 weeks. Replace the block when dissolved.

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