Aquarium Aqua-Prazi 4 ounce

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Relieve your aquarium fish from internal parasites, tapeworms, and other ailments with Aqua-Prazi, a trusted and safe solution for fish. Say goodbye to flashing, scratching, difficulty breathing, and other unusual symptoms that may be caused by these pesky invaders. Aqua-Prazi effectively targets and treats internal flukes and tapeworms in various parts of the fish’s body, including the intestines, gills, and liver.

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Size: Size: 4 ounce

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The main ingredient, pure praziquantel, has been a long proven preventative  treatment. It will not effect your filter bacteria or plants.

Add directly to your aquarium water. 1 gram treats 100 gallons of aquarium water, 25 grams treats 2500 gallons.

Treat your pond early in spring and late fall.

Size: 4 ounce


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