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‘William Falconer’ Hardy Water Lily

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This ‘William Falconer’ Hardy Water Lily has deep red flower — so deep that they have been described as turning black. The name of the water lily was selected in honor of William Falconer who was Curator of the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge, MA and later the Director of Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, Pa. William Tricker & James Brydon were close friends of his.

Many nurseries offered this marvelous hybrid in their mail order catalogs. Peterson Henderson, well known botanist in his 1906 historic booklet The Culture of Water Lilies and Aquarium Plants also showed a beautiful photograph of a grouping of the William Falconer water lilies in a pond.

You’ll enjoy this historic water lily hybrid that has lasted decades. It’s a delightful hardy water lily and is extremely hardy in winter.

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Size: Flower size: 6"-8" Height above water: 2"-4" Lily pad size: 6"-8" Plant spread: 4'-6'

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Growing Conditions:
Full Sun – minimum 6 hours. USDA Zone 3-11
Flower size: 6"-8" Height above water: 2"-4" Lily pad size: 6"-8" Plant spread: 4'-6'
Hybridized By:
James Brydon (1859-1901) of Massachusetts in 1899. He was an expert horticulturist and estate gardener.
Botanical Name:
Nymphaea 'William Falconer'

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